Paternity claim against former King, Juan Carlos, dismissed

The Belgian woman had her request for a DNA test denied

LAST UPDATED: 19 Mar, 2015 @ 19:48

king juan carlos calls for unity in Spain during these hard times

A PATERNITY claim against the former King of Spain has been thrown out by the supreme court.

A Belgian woman, Ingrid Sartiau, had claimed Juan Carlos fathered her while he was the prince in the 1960s.

However, the court stated the claim is unfounded and denied her request for a DNA test.

The case was originally brought in 2012 but was dismissed due to the King’s royal impunity.

But when Juan Carlos, father of current King Felipe, abdicated in 2014, he gave up that protection.

The court rejected another complainant’s claim that he was Juan Carlos’ son in January, when it agreed to inspect Ms Sartiau’s case.

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  1. What has Carlos got to lose by offering a DNA sample? If he is so convinced that he is not the father, and wants to dismiss the claim made by Ingrid Sartiau, why worry about giving a sample? All very fishy and points the spotlight back on him. What is he hiding?

  2. There are some who ARRANGE to be above the Law. Facts do not lie, but refusals often do. Why?
    Query – how MANY others out there who believe so involved??! We know the ex-king is pristine!!

  3. In Law, facts speak for themselves… also refusing to provide the facts speak like wise.
    Justice for ALL in a REAL democracy.

  4. A SHAME – if he REALLY wanted to disprove the claim of paternity, he’d take the DNA test to FACTUALLY PROVE his innocense. Otherwise, in many Spanish eyes… ?! yup – otro Papa Carlo!

  5. A couple of hairs. A cigar butt. A glass drunk from. It doesn’t take much to ascertain DNA nowadays.
    It would be worth a small fortune if a loyal retainer could deliver something intimate from Carlos and attest to it….. Why wait for him to volunteer?