Angry Camino de Santiago towns crack down on defecating walkers

Walkers taking on the world-renowned Camino de Santiago are being urged to stop defecating outdoors

LAST UPDATED: 24 Apr, 2015 @ 21:34

WALKERS taking on the world-renowned Camino de Santiago, in north-west Spain, are being urged to stop defecating outdoors.Camino pooing

Signs declaring the area as a poop-free zone have emerged in the village of Galicia as its residents have become fed-up with the mess.

Lavatories are available in towns and hostels along the route but it appears walkers cannot resist the urge to be at one with nature.

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  1. Lavatories available are they? I’m sure they are, but guaranteed to have no paper, or seat and probably filthy – as most are in Spain. No wonder the walkers are choosing to go outdoors instead…