British murderer admits to brutal rape on Costa del Sol for which innocent man is still in jail

Killer of Sally Anne Bowman, Mark Dixie, has admitted to a brutal rape in Fuengirola in 2003

LAST UPDATED: 17 Jun, 2015 @ 15:25

Mark Dixie
Mark Dixie

THE killer of Sally Anne Bowman has admitted to a brutal rape on the Costa del Sol, for which an innocent man has served almost 12 years behind bars.

Mark Dixie, 44, is currently serving life for murdering the 18-year-old model in Croydon, UK, in 2005.

He is now suspected of carrying out three attacks within two hours in 2003, near to his former home in Fuengirola, in which two women were sexually assaulted and the other severely beaten.

Dutchman Romano van der Dussen was wrongly jailed at the time, yet he remains behind bars to this day.

DNA analysis carried out by the Dutch National Forensic agency not only clears van der Dussen but also proves that Dixie carried out the attack.

Last week, former pub chef Dixie confessed to raping the Spanish woman in a drug-fuelled rage.

After two and-a-half hours of questioning Dixie finally submitted a three-page statement admitting to his horrendous crime.

In a statement, PrisonLAW, said: “Mark Dixie confessed that in 2003 he was living in Fuengirola and he remembers committing a rape that Romano van der Dussen has been convicted of.

“He also stated that he is sorry that another person has been in prison for such a long period of time for that rape.

“Dixie claims he does not remember the attacks on the other two women.”

Dixie’s well publicised drink and drug addictions means that he has little memory of the incidents in question.


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