Key players accused of lying in the Los Frailes mine case in Sevilla

Following a corruption investigation, the judge in charge of the mine case in Aznalcollar has called in seven officials over pervasion of justice

LAST UPDATED: 4 Aug, 2015 @ 18:29

SEVEN people have been accused of perversion of justice during the approval process for reopening the controversy-fraught Los Frailes mine in Aznalcollar.

The long-shut Los Frailes mine in Aznalcollar
The long-shut Los Frailes mine in Aznalcollar

The judge in the case has called to court Maria Jose Asensio, the director of industry, mines and energy for the Junta of Andalucia, along with several other mine, energy and property officials.

The judge has cited suspicion that pre-requisites for the approval process and technical studies were not completed, and has demanded the release of a document containing all corporate interactions between Magtel and Grupo Mexico.

The mine has been closed for the last seventeen years following a disastrous toxic spill by the Swedish business Boliden. Plans to reopen it, however, were halted earlier this year for this corruption investigation.


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