Hoteliers pressure Spanish government into internet vendor regulation

A new UK tax law on holiday rentals puts pressure on rest of EU

LAST UPDATED: 13 Aug, 2015 @ 11:18

CALLS for regulation of Spain’s holiday rentals market have been bolstered by a new UK tax law that will give the British government access to information on internet vendors.

Hoteliers feel pressure from online rentals
Hoteliers feel pressure from online rentals

The European Union are now being pressured to follow the UK’s lead and introduce the law across the continent.

Spanish hoteliers have long complained of plummeting profits as customers turn to websites like Airbnb to book accommodation.

Under the new law, the UK revenue and customs office (HMRC) will have access to internet vendors’ names and addresses and the value of transactions, which will allow authorities to spot and prosecute tax evasions.

In Spain, as many as 49% of holiday rentals are unlicensed and untaxed.

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