Alicante scraps woman’s €800 fine for police car photo

The fine was issued under the controversial new “gag law”

LAST UPDATED: 28 Aug, 2015 @ 07:57

The offending Facebook post

A GOVERNMENT representative in Alicante has reversed a decision to fine a woman €800 for photographing a police car parked in a disabled space.

The incident took place on August 13, when a woman in Alicante snapped the photo and uploaded it to Facebook with a strongly worded caption.

The police officers who parked the car were pursuing a vandalism suspect at the time and claimed to have used the disabled space out of necessity.

They reportedly perceived the offending photograph as a violation of Spain’s controversial new Citizen Security Law, commonly called the gag law, and consequently fined the woman €800.

The decision to scrap the fine comes in the wake of widespread outrage about the gag law, which many believe infringes on citizens’ freedom of speech and assembly.

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    • The REAL sensible decision would be to revoke this “Brave New World” law. Rajoy and his gang should hang their heads in shame. Gag that!

  1. John Lightfoot strikes me as one of those persons who is in denial that Spain is slowly turning into a police state.
    The same happened in 1935 and we all know what that got us.

  2. Not really pro Police state, more anti “Take a photo and publish without proof of comment” person.
    I have seen so many of these now it sickens me. The man who was labelled a child molester on Social Media and after getting beat up it was found out to be untrue. The teacher who was seen in the distance with his arms around a schoolgirl. Ooops his daughter. Maybe if someone put your picture on Social Media and told lies about you causing you grief or worse, bodily harm you would find that OK.
    The old saying “every picture tells a story” but often not a true one.

  3. I think that the finality of this law is not to obstruct the freedon of press ,is to protect to the policemen against threats of violence when they are in in his homes.