Spain number one for well-equipped holiday rentals

Spanish rentals commended for air conditioning, pool access and laundry machines

LAST UPDATED: 28 Aug, 2015 @ 08:04

SPAIN has been named the number one destination for well-equipped holiday rentals in Europe.

Luxury rentals in Marbella
Luxury rentals in Marbella

According to a survey conducted by HomeAway comparing vacation rentals in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy and the UK, 42% of Spanish rentals have air conditioning, 57% have pool access and 79% have washing machines available.

A small drawback of Spanish rental amenities proved to be internet access, with only 51% WIFI enabled, as compared to the Europe average of 53%.

Spain came in second to Portugal with 14% disabled-accessible homes but fell behind Portugal, Germany and France in family rentals, and behind Britain and Italy for pet-friendly apartments.


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