Four African migrants drown and 35 missing after boat sinks off Spanish coast

Survivors taken to Malaga as Colombian helicopter finds bodies of four dead men

LAST UPDATED: 30 Oct, 2015 @ 16:02

FOUR dead bodies have been recovered after a boat carrying migrants from Africa sank en route to Spain.

Rescue teams are searching for 35 people who are still missing as survivors were taken by Spanish coastguards to Malaga on Thursday afternoon.

SHIPWRECKED: Four African migrants found dead and 35 missing
SHIPWRECKED: Four African migrants  drown and 35 still missing

Two women and 13 men were found clinging to the boat’s wreckage 52 miles south of Malaga.

One female survivor said she had lost her sister and eight-month-old baby.

A Colombian rescue helicopter located the bodies of four dead men aged between 20 and 30.

The six-metre long boat the refugees were travelling in was carrying 54 people, but had capacity for just 12.

The 15 survivors are mainly from Cameroon and Mali.


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