BREAKING: Taliban bomb Spanish embassy in Afghanistan

The terrorist organisation said it launched the attack on a Spanish embassy guest house, in its quest to rid the capital of 'invaders'

LAST UPDATED: 17 Dec, 2015 @ 10:20

Spanish embassyTHE Taliban has claimed responsibility for car bombing the Spanish embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Two people have reportedly been killed while a further seven have been injured.

Fighting continues at the scene where three men are reportedly locked in a gunfight with police.

Another man is believed to have blown himself up in the car outside the embassy.

The terrorist organisation has said it launched the attack on a Spanish embassy guest house, in its quest to rid the capital of ‘invaders’.

A Spanish official from inside the building confirmed that the building had been secured.

“We are under pressure, but we are OK,” he said. “The situation is still going.”


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  1. Everyone say a big thank you to the CIA who armed the Taliban in their ferocious hatred of everything Russian. Under the Russians, Afghanistan had emerged from the dark ages. The life of women was transformed.
    So after how many deaths of innocent Afghans and deluded foreign soldiers who obeyed orders the Taliban will take over. All that death and destruction so that the military/industrial complex could make loads of money.