Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera reveals PSOE and PP have not been in touch

King Felipe to meet Rivera today as Spain's parliamentary stalemate continues

LAST UPDATED: 21 Jan, 2016 @ 10:23

ALBERT Rivera has admitted that nobody from the PP or Socialist PSOE have contacted him regarding a possible political pact.

RIVERA: Slams main parties lack of dialogue
RIVERA: Slams main parties lack of dialogue

The Ciudadanos leader, whose party won 40 seats in December’s general election, compared the current impasse to a ‘cold war’.

Spain is still without a government following the election when the PP won 123 seats and the PSOE gained 90.

Criticising the lack of movement between the two main parties, Rivera said: “Nobody is capable of taking a step back.”

Rivera is due to meet with King Felipe for talks later today.


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  1. That Albert, is because they all know that you are just the PP in fresh clothes, hurriedly invented as a desperate alternative to the Podemos phenomenon.