Volkswagen top 2015 Spanish car sales

LAST UPDATED: 1 Feb, 2016 @ 22:18

THE recent scandal over Volkswagen’s ‘green’ engines didn’t stop it topping the list of Spanish sales in 2015.

volkswagenThe German-owned car maker sold 88,300 vehicles last year, a 14.7% increase on 2014, according to the associations of manufacturers (ANFAC), dealers (Faconauto) and vendors (Ganvam).

VW’s strong sales come despite the furore over its so-called green engines, which omitted up to 40 times the permitted level of nitrogen oxide.

Seat, the Volkswagen-owned company, sold the second-highest number of cars, up 14.2% on 2014 at 77,529 units.

Renault were a close third, at 77,087.

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    • So do politicians, (who connived with VW) but they still get votes and power over us. We buy their lies as eagerly as we still buy VW cars.