Former PP Madrid president to be investigated over Estepona flat

Secret police tapes snare ex-PP leader in bribery and money-laundering case

LAST UPDATED: 2 Mar, 2016 @ 12:07

A FORMER president of Madrid is wanted for questioning in a €2 million bribery and money-laundering case linked to Estepona.

Anti-corruption officials are set to grill the former PP leader Ignacio Gonzalez over his ownership of a luxury apartment in the town, said to have been given to him as a bribe.

UNDER PRESSURE: Gonzalez in Estepona scandal
UNDER PRESSURE: Gonzalez in Estepona scandal

Investigators also want to talk to Enrique Cerezo, the ex-president of Atletico Madrid over the apartment in Alhambra del Golf.

The apartment was registered to a company based in the tax haven of Delaware and listed as being owned by lawyer Rudy Valner.

It is believed that Valner is merely a front man and the property was given to Gonzalez as some sort of sweetener on a deal.

Gonzalez has now claimed he rented it from 2008 before purchasing it for €730,000 in 2012.

However, recordings made by police in 2011 allegedly reveal Gonzalez asked two officers to help cover up the scandal.


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