No payout for Spanish car owner who bought faulty Volkswagen

The claimant is now taking the decision to EU court

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jun, 2016 @ 11:17

volkswagenA SPANISH car owner has been left thousands of euros out of pocket after buying a faulty Volkswagen.

The owner took his claim against a Volkswagen dealership to court in Cantabria, but the judge ruled in the defendant’s favour.

It was decided that the €10,000 car had been sold in ‘good faith’ with no knowledge of the faulty engine and therefore the claim was thrown out.

This is the first case to be brought against Volkswagen in Spain and the first in the world to side with the car manufacturer.

The claimant is now taking the decision to EU court after exhausting his options in Spain.

In contrast, eight similar claims in Germany have all sided with the claimant.

Last year, Volkswagen admitted 800,000 VW cars worldwide have faulty CO2 emissions, 50,000 in Spain.


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