Embattled Pedro Sanchez calls PSOE leadership vote showdown for October 23

    Socialists humiliated in Basque Country and Galicia local elections

    LAST UPDATED: 27 Sep, 2016 @ 16:05

    PEDRO Sanchez has called a PSOE leadership election on October 23 demanding his party supports him.

    The Socialist leader has thrown down the gauntlet to his political rivals as Spain faces a third general election in a year.

    It comes after the PSOE scored some of its worst ever results in regional elections in the Basque Country and Galicia.

    LAST CHANCE: Sanchez faces leadership vote
    LAST CHANCE: Sanchez faces leadership vote

    Sanchez is facing angry calls from the PSOE’s 26-strong executive to do more to end the deadlock paralysing Spain’s political system after two inconclusive elections.

    Sanchez has been unable to reach an agreement with Podemos and Ciudadanos over issues such as a Catalan independence referendum, to which he is opposed.

    Parliament has until October 31 to form a new government or a third election will be called.

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    1. “To which HE is opposed” What do the rest of his party think? The Left needs to unite, in Spain as well as Britain. Remember, “together we are stronger”.
      A lurch to the Right, a great danger in Europe, consigns us all, (below the one percent) to a prolonged Dark Age.