Property sales in the hills of Andalucia are up

LAST UPDATED: 23 Nov, 2016 @ 06:58

PROPERTY sales in the hills of Andalucia are up by 20% on last year.

 Graham Govier of Inland Andalucia
Graham Govier of Inland Andalucia

Inland Andalucia, which sells homes away from the coast from Sevilla to Granada, even saw a 15% increase in October year-on-year.

Unaffected by Brexit, the estate agents insists that house sales in rural Spain are continuing to grow unabated.

Owner Graham Govier said: “Already this year we have sold 100 properties with an average value of €70,000 – that’s a €7.3 million turnover and a 20% increase on last year.

“There seems to be no slowing down, regardless of Brexit fears and the weak sterling.”

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    • Forgot to say, if the buyers are going to be non-resident, then Brexit would not really affect them. The figures given are vague and actually misleading.