British WWII hero’s helmet discovered at Benalmadena flea market

LAST UPDATED: 6 Feb, 2017 @ 11:58

Braham (right), with his radio and radar operator
Braham (right), with his radio and radar operator

A COLLECTOR has unearthed John Randall Daniel Braham’s RAF helmet at the Benalmadena flea market.

Jose Fernandez Molina was overjoyed when he found something hidden between piles of junk and old utensils that ‘shined like the dawning sun.’

He had found a helmet from a World War II pilot, on sale for just €15.

Nearly 80 years old, the helmet was in excellent condition and still had its oxygen mask and audio connections.

He later discovered original documents inside, showing the helmet to be the property of a John Randall Daniel Braham, the most highly-decorated RAF war hero.

Braham joined the RAF in 1937, and shot down a total of 30 enemy aircraft. He was captured in 1944 and spent the rest of the war as a German prisoner of war. 

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