EXCLUSIVE: British expats demand answers after being repeatedly targeted by robbers in Marbella

Thieves have stolen thousands over the past few weeks

LAST UPDATED: 15 Feb, 2017 @ 14:29

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  1. If you want less crime, consider moving out of the Marbella area. I found the lack of police presence in Nueva Andalucia quite shocking when I had an office there a few years ago. There were so many instances of pick-pocketing, break-ins, and theft on an almost daily basis. It is also a con man’s paradise. There is crime everywhere, of course, but this particular area is a magnet for people with nefarious intentions.

  2. As we all know, most of the crimes in Southern Spain are committed by British criminals, gangs, etc.
    But, what can you expect when they have been bred there:
    “Violent crime jumps 27 per cent in new figures released by the Office for National Statistics
    Violence recorded by the police rose by 185,000 offences in the year to September”

    • @Bluemoon: what drugs are you on, and can i have some? Sorry, but your lame attempt at trolling wont work. Your ridiculous claims are sooooo far removed from the truth they are mildly amusing at best.
      Marbella is world famous for the place to retire when you’re a thief, con man, banker, or any other kind of lowlife with loads-of-(illegal)-money. Of course law enforcement is a rare sight there. Thats its selling point.

  3. I didn’t know that most of the crime in Southern Spain is caused by the British – you’ll need some data to back up such a sweeping statement, but I don’t think you’ll be rushing to provide that somehow lol. You must refer to a very small part of the Costa del Sol, perhaps around Marbella, which of course is only a tiny part of “Southern Spain” as a whole. I think you see a few fugitives faces in Crimestoppers and conflate that with the whole of Southern Spain.

  4. Fred – the fake Bluemoon is just a Spanish troll. However if the real Bluemoon (me) ever finds out who the faker is then maybe his statistics about the British being the cause of violence in Spain may have some substance.
    Would be nice if OP could stop him using my nickname but I am guessing they can’t.

  5. I know, and in future I will make reference to the troll. The OP should bring in user registrations and allow existing, long-term posters, to claim their name, otherwise the comments section can be abused.