Mariano Rajoy pledges to defend British expats in Brexit negotiations

LAST UPDATED: 17 Feb, 2017 @ 11:09

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  1. Rajoy’s final statements concerning Gib. in this piece sounds ominous. He seems to hint that the Rock will become a bargaining chip in expat negotiations.

  2. Squeaky Voice should be very careful with what he says and does. He and Spain have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Play hardball and plasticland in Murcia and Andalucia will collapse. As much as the Spanish dislike the British tourist we make up the biggest number, the British government can destroy that trade in a moment. There are over 200,000 Spanish working in the UK, that can easily become another 200,000 unemployed back home in Spain. The money sp[ent by Brits living in Spain and those with holiday homes can be gone in a flash – deep doo doo awaits.

  3. British tourists, as the whole world knows, represent more a loss than a gain.
    They will be replaced by First Class tourism (Japanese, Chinese, EU countries, Americas, you name the rest).
    As for the number of Spanish living in the UK, there are not even 70 k.
    Now compare that number with the 1.2 MILLION Brits living in Spain, most of them No Registrados, who are a burden for the Sistema de Salud and the taxpayer.
    As they say Brexit is a great thing, not only for Spain but for the whole EU