Report shows child poverty rate in Spain third highest in the EU

It is estimated that 40% of children in Spain live under the poverty line.

LAST UPDATED: 26 Apr, 2017 @ 10:54

child-povertySPAIN has the third highest rate of child poverty in the EU.

The United Nations Children’s Fund has released a report which places the country behind only Romania and Greece.

The percentage of children living below the poverty line in Spain is estimated to be 0%, the result of the economic crisis in 2008 and years of austerity which followed.

The government cut child spending in 2010 by 15% which had a negative impact on education quality.

It’s said that the elderly in Spain were much better cared for than children during the crisis.


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  1. Who’s poverty line? You need more dollar equivalent per day in Spain than Eritrea and while I haven’t seen children in Spain living in similar poverty to east Aftrica they are without question living in poverty compared to some places, like Norway.