Mayor of Malaga becomes a meme after falling off BMX at skatepark

Francisco de la Torre was testing the circuit when he fell down

LAST UPDATED: 9 May, 2017 @ 15:52

 Francisco de la Torre
Francisco de la Torre

THE Mayor of Malaga has become a meme after being filmed falling off a BMX while on a skateboard ramp.

Francisco de la Torre, 74, was testing the circuit at skatepark Rubén Alcántara when he fell down bruising his arm.

The internet reacted with hilarious results, with the politician being edited into photographs riding a bear, a dinosaur, and even in the film E.T.

De la Torre, who has not missed any work as a result of the fall, expressed his delight over the memes on social media.

He said: “Thanks to those who ask how I am after trying #BMX in @SkateParkMalaga: all good, I will reassemble, I have much fun memes.”

Mayor on a bear
Mayor on a bear


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