Boddingtons lass Melanie Sykes glad she brought ‘my cardi’ to ‘freezing’ Mallorca

Beer beauty takes a break at her Palma de Mallorca finca

LAST UPDATED: 11 May, 2017 @ 11:21

AS the Boddingtons lass, she should be well used to the cold.

But TV presenter Melanie Sykes – famous for the Manchester beer ads in 1996 – couldn’t hold back from complaining during a Spring break to Mallorca.

SYKED UP: Melanie says Mallorca is 'bloody freezing'
SYKED UP: Melanie says Mallorca is ‘bloody freezing’

While she was excited to be wearing her ‘first bikini of the season’, she told her Instagram followers that it was almost too chilly to wear it out.

“Thank god I brought my cardi , it’s bloody freezing in Mallorca… come on sun please don’t be shy #brrrrrrr,” she wrote.

The 46-year-old mother-of-two posted a picture of her rock hard abs outside her huge Palma finca.

In the series of famous beer adverts she told ‘Tarquell’ he had his ‘trolleys’ on the wrong way round.

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