Mariano Rajoy presses wrong button to accidentally vote against own budget

The budget should be adopted by the end of June

LAST UPDATED: 1 Jun, 2017 @ 13:35

marianorajoyMARIANO Rajoy has been left red-faced after accidentally voting against his own budget. 

The Spanish prime minister pushed the red ‘no’ button instead of green while voting to pass an amendment proposed by the regional party Nueva Canarias, earning applause from his opponents.

Luckily for Rajoy, who leads a minority government, he had secured the support of smaller parties in exchange for investment pledges and tax benefits, meaning the long-delayed budget was passed.

Ciudadanos and several regional parties also supported the budget in return for concessions.

Ciudadanos got €4 billion in social spending into the budget, while the PNV Basque Nationalist party got more rail investment and tax reform for the region.

The budget should be adopted by the end of June, eight months later than usual.



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