Love Island Mallorca contestants given anti-bacterial gels and sprays by bosses

Producers of ITV show concerned about winter-vomiting bug Norovirus

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jun, 2017 @ 10:28

CONTESTANTS at Love Island are being given anti-bacterial gels and spray to prevent any outbreak of sickness during filming of the hit reality TV show.

TV bosses are reportedly concerned that filming in Mallorca could be hit if cast and crew catch the Norovirus on the island.

LOVE SICK: Contestants given anti-Norovirus gels
LOVE SICK: Contestants given anti-Norovirus gels

And with the raunchy ITV show set to attract an audience of around two million, producers are taking no chances over the winter vomiting bug threat.

“There have been cases of a nasty sickness and tummy bug in Mallorca,” a source said,

“Infection spreads fast in a hot climate and it would ruin months of planning.

“The show is about sexy young people hooking up in the sun – vomiting or diarrhoea would not be a good look.”

Love Island will be hosted by Caroline Flack, with celebrity guests including Prince Harry’s ex Camilla Thurlow.

Flack has promised this years show will be ‘sexier than ever’.

“Some viewers like watching raunchy scenes and others don’t. People love moaning, let them moan. British people love a good moan,” said Flack.


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