New Balearic Islands art project helps to raise environmental awareness

Los Almendros de Ibiza to help fight decline of Ibiza almond industry

LAST UPDATED: 26 Jun, 2017 @ 12:45

A NEW Balearic art project is helping to heal the environment.

Los Almendros de Ibiza, by Belgian artist Sophie Stinglhamber, hopes to raise awareness of the threat to the island’s almond industry.

NUT JOB: Almond art installation to raise environmental awareness

The four-metres-high sculpture, created from a dead almond tree, comes after almond farmers in Ibiza had expressed concern that their livelihood was being threatened by wafer-thin profits.

Curator Diego Alonso said: “This project does not try to return the island of Ibiza to a past that sometimes is seen as something better.

“On the contrary, this project is aimed at the future, to understand the present and the past to improve our future.”

The installation will be exhibited at Mondo Galeria in collaboration with the Sustainable Art group  from July 5 to 25.

The project hopes to raise money to replant almonds in Ibiza.


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