PRIORITIES: Returned Marbella mayor Angeles Muñoz raises town hall salaries by 20%

LAST UPDATED: 4 Sep, 2017 @ 11:34

MARBELLA: Angeles Munoz

NEW Marbella mayor Angeles Muñoz has increased the salaries of 15 councillors from the Partido Popular-Opcion Sampedreña coalition by 19.23%.

Nine of the councillors, including OSP leaders Rafael Piña and Manuel Osorio, have seen their salaries rise to €62,000.

It is a staggering increase of €10,000 in a matter of days.

It comes after Piña and Osorio’s alliance with the PP sparked the vote of no confidence in previous PSOE mayor Jose Bernal, and the subsequent return of Muñoz.

During an extraordinary session at the Town Hall on Friday, mayor Muñoz passed decrees on the new organisation, including the further decentralisation of San Pedro Alcántara, as well as various other appointments.

The new councilors of the opposition will also benefit from the increase in salary, rising from €32,000 to €37,000, while mayor Muñoz will continue to draw her salary as a  senator (more than €90,000 euros).



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