A LEADING Mallorca businessman has told the Olive Press how he paid a €30,000 fine this month after inspectors turned up unannounced at one of his rural rental properties.

The expat, who has asked not to be named, paid a 50% reduced penalty within the ‘two-week discount period’ after originally being fined €60,000.

RENT ROWS: Businessman’s anger over huge fine

He revealed he was visited by the state inspector after expecting to rent his €3,000-a-week property – via Airbnb – to a family of four from Madrid in August.

He was caught as he only has one licence for three adjacent units and, according to the new law, he needs three – one per unit.

“He turned up and the first thing he asked for was my licence number,” he told the Olive Press.

“I told him I had only one for three rentals and I was fined €30,000 per unit.

“He had booked through Airbnb so there was nothing I could do – I lost a whole week’s money.”

He added: “It’s really unfair as the law came in so fast and it’s clear they are after the expats who have money.

“Where I live there are loads of local Spanish who didn’t get touched.

“Another expat I know got caught last week via Airbnb whereas his six neighbours, who also rent via Airbnb, but didn’t get caught.”