Friday, 20 October, 2017


Discrimination must not keep Mari Paz Vega off bill for Malaga feria, insist regional chiefs

British pensioner in a desperate bid to save a dozen stray cats she has been caring for

Expat hotel enlists the church to drive out resident ghosts Aloy and Francisco who are scaring the guests

The late German artist Martin Kippenberger has an exhibition at the Picasso Museum

World’s longest train testing track gets approval despite mounting opposition

But judge who sided with mortgage defaulters could undermine Spanish economy

Disgraced UK banker joins racing driver Jackie Stewart on 30,000 euro Spanish hunting jolly

Prince Albert of Monaco sucked into multi-million euro property scandal with over 100 victims

The risk of a second avalanche is holding up the search for a British climber buried under snow in the Sierra Nevada

OLIVE PRESS EXCLUSIVE: Huelva-based man reveals to Olive Press that he fears for his safety after fleeing Portuguese trafficking gang. By Jon Clarke

'Devil's Advocate' lawyer has been deported to Britain

The new tourist centre would have been built on Roman ruins at Acinipo

US nuclear bombs accidentally fell near Palomares in the 1960s

The remains were found in El Altet, near Elche, just meters away from where another body was discovered in May last year

Blue Velvet director is launching new art exhibition

After six years on the run, a British paedophile has been remanded in prison in Andalusia

The Biutiful will star opposite Daniel Craig

Endesa refuse to fix a faulty meter because of cost

The first ‘stolen baby’ case has reached the courts

The Belfast-born musician was 58 and was staying at the luxury Kempinski Hotel in Estepona

Blue Velvet director David Lynch exhibits work at Malaga exhibition

Journalists attacked by hunters as the annual fox hunting championship in Galicia turned violent

50 policemen solve the case of men who deliberately caused 27 accidents for kicks

The family of murdered Spanish teen Maria Esther have pleaded with people not to blame the family of the accused

Police arrested the teenager - who had a 'troubled personality' - at his home in Arriate

Women will now be allowed to don the traditional white robes and take part in the Semana Santa processions




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