Tuesday, June 19, 2018

UPDATE: Spain set to be Ebola-free as of October 27

Hospital director sets date for Spain to be free from Ebola

UPDATE: Doctors at Madrid hospital ‘hopeful’ about Spanish Ebola case

As Spanish Ebola victim's condition remains stable medical staff dare to hope

Spanish politicians and bankers targeted by expenses scandal investigations

Dozens of politicians, bankers and financial advisers embroiled in expenses scandal as Caja Madrid and Bankia come under investigation

UPDATE: Madrid hospital deemed ‘unprepared’ for Ebola outbreak

Spain's health minister says Madrid's Carlos III needs to upgrade its Ebola isolation unit

Almeria golf academy in trouble with locals

The €5 million academy is just 200 metres from a town hall golf facility

Spain to send 300 soldiers to train Iraqi troops

Spain set to enter Iraq in battle against IS

UPDATE: Spanish staff protest and resign as ‘fear’ of Ebola takes hold

Fear of the Ebola disease, and those who are at risk of coming into contact with it, is spreading in Madrid

Bride impregnated by dwarf stripper confesses after giving birth to child with dwarfism

A woman confessed to cheating on her husband on her hen night with a dwarf entertainer

UPDATE: Seven more Spanish taken into urgent Ebola observation

A total of 14 people are now under observation or being treated

Spain’s health minister ‘demoted’ over Europe’s first Ebola case

The government has appointed a special committee to deal with the situation, as Ana Mato takes a 'less public' role

BREAKING: Spain government appoints Ebola crisis committee

Scientific advisers will support the committee

UPDATE: Spanish Ebola nurse is ‘stable’ again after hours in critical condition

But Teresa Romero Ramos remains in a serious condition

UPDATE: Gibraltar Health Authority prepared for Ebola

More than 200 members of staff have received training in the unlikely event that the Ebola virus spreads to Gibraltar

Violent fugitive gives away his Spanish location in Facebook blunder

After a year on the run a violent fugitive gives away his location after posting pictures of himself in Spain on Facebook

UPDATE: Animal rights protests in Madrid following destruction of dog

Animal rights groups protest in Madrid after the Spanish Ebola Nurse's dog was put down

UPDATE: Ebola nurse admits she may have ‘touched her face’ with infected glove

Five people are now in quarantine at Madrid hospital

Spanish Ebola nurse desperately tried to be admitted to hospital for more than a week

Teresa Romero Ramos first contacted authorities on September 30

UPDATE: Hospital staff blame first European Ebola case on substandard equipment

A Spanish nurse has twice tested positive for the disease, blamed on hospital failure to follow protocol

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister condemns ‘Spanish bullying and harassment’ following latest naval incursion

Gibraltar's government stands its ground as tensions with Spain remain significant

UPDATE: European Commission demands explanation of how Spanish nurse contracted Ebola

The nurse, 44, is the first person outside of West Africa to contract the virus

Alhambra ticket fraud defendants accused of €3.5 million scam

Following a ten year investigation prosecutors are calling for heavy fines and sentences

Spanish nurse first person to contract Ebola in Europe

A nurse who treated two Spanish priests who died from Ebola is now being treated for the virus herself

CAMPAIGN: Spotlight on drink-spiking in new stage show

Scottish performance artist supports Olive Press campaign with tour performance

Hundreds of British tourists involved in near-miss at Malaga airport

Ryanair pilot forced to take evasive action after coming within 150 metres of another plane

Maddie McCann family online ‘bully’ found dead in the UK

Brenda Leyland, 63, was accused by a Sky News reporter of using Twitter to post a series of abusive messages attacking the McCanns

Work to resume at controversial Algarrobico hotel

The 'hotel ilegal' saga has taken another twist


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