Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


EXCLUSIVE: Courts order developer to give British couple the Benalmadena home they won in a raffle

Ronda town hall does U-turn on freight line through tourist valley

As the recession worsens, families struggle to make ends meet

They attempted to escape the flames by jumping into the sea from a cliff but died from the fall

With 80 calories per glass of beer and tapas soaked in oil, health experts warn tourists to think before they tuck in

Unscrupulous salesmen are on the increase again

The cabinet aims to make public spending visible to the public

Vanesa Pastor had her ovaries removed in 2009 but gave birth to a son last month after undergoing in vitro fertilisation

Over half of Spaniards claim the dispute with Gibraltar is not important

Environment bosses in Junta and Madrid have issued a statement of intent to knock down the hotel

EXCLUSIVE: A mother appeals to Olive Press readers to help raise money from organ sale

Gordan Simm, 63, was reported missing on Sunday after failing to return from the Rio Chillar Gorge near Nerja

The economy is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take the euro down with it

The long-serving British electro bastions are headlining Andalucia's biggest festival

A trio of Costa Tropical campsites is doubling the value of the old Spanish currency

Arrests by Spanish police amount to 'criminal acts of unlawful detention, trespass and false imprisonment'

David Driver was dismissed by the Scandinavian lender Sydbank on allegations that he was targeting their customers

Alcaucin breast cancer patient seeks help for abandoned cats and dogs

Almost a quarter of rooms will be empty in hotels during the peak season

Approximately one in five British expats living in Spain will return to the UK for the London Games - significantly more than in any other country

The royals took the cut as a gesture of solidarity with public sector workers

The world number three has been forced to pull out due to injury

EXCLUSIVE: The Olive Press exposes a language school fraud scheme that targeted 'numerous' potential job applicants

Language student is said to have been decapitated in frenzied attack at Bournemouth flat

EXCLUSIVE: James Bryce investigates the desperate situation of Patrick Burke, a British man driven out of his home and onto the streets

The 400-room hotel is set to be demolished for violating environmental protection laws




Some 9,000 Palma residents moved out of the diverse city in 2016. According to the councillor for equality and civic rights, 35 percent of those...
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