Friday, February 23, 2018

Spanish police bust sophisticated marijuana processing lab

Spain's National Police have busted and dismantled a sophisticated laboratory with 900 marijuana plants in Andújar, Jaén province in southern Spain.

Spanish ‘secret agent’ charged with fraud

A man, claiming to be a spy, has been arrested

Don’t go to Spain, says Gibraltar MEP

Euro MP Julie Girling posted her views on Twitter

UK threatens to sue Spain over Gibraltar border delays

Spain backtracks on its promise as the UK threatens to sue

Spain reviews rail safety following deadly crash

Rail safety is paramount after the Spanish crash left 79 dead

Gay bars in Andalucia ban vodka

Backlash against Russian vodka after homosexuality ban

Royal Navy warships head to Gibraltar

Warships will stay in Gibraltar's waters for three days practicing a range of operations

British woman gives birth to biggest baby ever born naturally in Spain

Maxime Marin gave birthday to 6.2 kilo Maria Lorena Marin earlier this week

Cameron intervenes in Gibraltar row

The UK Prime Minister called Rajoy to discuss Spain's treatment of Gibraltar

Fishing dispute leads to the most draconian clampdown in recent Gibraltar history

Picardo says Spain is 'acting like North Korea' with threats of €50 border tax

Tensions rise between UK and Spain over Gibraltar

Spain's foreign minister said the introduction of a €50 border crossing fee and closure of airspace to planes heading to Gibraltar airport were being considered

Ridley Scott to film Hollywood blockbuster in Almeria

The famous director will film several scenes in the Andalucian province

Tarifa mayor challenges Valdevaqueros decision

Gil Garcia says the new environmental protection legislation will hurt the area's economy

Innocent man released after six months in jail

Man set free after being wrongly accused of drug trafficking in Antequera

Rajoy claims innocence

The Spanish Prime Minister says his "only mistake" was trusting the disgraced former PP treasurer

UPDATE: Train driver on phone at time of deadly crash

A statement released by court reveals the driver was distracted at the time of the deadly crash

Sunday shopping for cruise passengers in Malaga

Businesses encouraged to extend hours to take advantage of extra tourist revenue

Body found on Estepona beach

Officials alerted in the early morning hours of possible drowning death

Motorists ‘trapped’ in six hour Gibraltar border queues in sweltering heat

Government of Gibraltar has condemned the "excessive, deliberate and disproportionate delays" which they claim have been engineered by the Spanish authorities

UPDATE: Santiago de Compostela train driver admits responsibility

Black box records train driver Fransisco Jose Carzon admitting liability

VIDEO: Trackside security camera captures deadly train crash in Spain

Graphic footage shows the moment the train left the tracks killing at least 78 passengers

LATEST: 79 now confirmed dead in Spanish train crash

The crash happened at 8.41pm local time on Wednesday as the train approached the city of Santiago de Compostela

President of Andalucia to step down at end of August

After months of careful planning, Grinan announces he will resign at the end of August

Spain’s own royal baby!

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have their second child

David Shamoon dead

David Shamoon, credited with revitalising the Marbella Club Hotel, died in Marbella on Sunday

VIDEO: Path cleared for Caminito del Rey project

After years of promises, the Junta has confirmed that the first stage of an ambitious restoration project is about to begin


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