A SENIOR prosecutor says increasing numbers of people are filing denuncias about ‘chemtrails’- the white trails left by planes in the sky due to condensation.

Teresa Gisbert- the Valencian Community’s head prosecutor- said that some of the complainants attribute the ‘chemtrails’ to some kind of a conspiracy theory.

Nevertheless, Gisbert’s office is duty-bound to investigate and she told the Valencian parliament on Monday that it eats up valuable time.

“They don’t know how much time that takes,” said Gisbert, who pointed out that easy online options to make complaints have fuelled the rise in denuncias.


She added that reporting ‘chemtrails’ is common in Spain and it prompted the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office to commission an exhaustive technical study that officially concluded it is a phenomenon caused by condensation and temperature change.

Nevertheless, Gisbert said that some people are still prepared to come up with their own outlandish theories that her officials have to deal with.

“Nobody is wanting to poison us or throw toxic gases onto us,” she commented.

The prosecutor also referred to a ‘very kind’ woman in Alzira who regularly sends her photos of her clothes hanging on her terrace where the ‘chemtrails’ can be seen at the top.

Teresa Gisbert said her office is having to deal with an increasing number of complainants over a variety of issues.

Some of those include people with mental health problems who believe that they have been implanted with a micro-chip, are constantly watched, or that their neighbours ‘hate them’.

“We need to respond and provide help, because they are suffering,” added Gisbert.


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