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Poisoned by planes?


WE’VE all seen them. Cloudy trails streaking across the sky pumped out the back of jet planes.

However, most of us would never give them a second thought – after all vapour trails coming out the back of aeroplanes is the norm right? Well, maybe not.

Normally a sceptic by nature, the immense response the Olive Press’s post bag received following a set of photos we printed in the paper a month ago has made me think again.

While some asserted that these strange patterns seen over the Costa del Sol were nothing more than condensation trails produced by planes flying at a certain height, there was an equally strong response insisting that there is something more sinister going on.

Rather than being contrails, many of our readers believe these misty lines are in fact chemtrails – the result of planes spraying the atmosphere with a combination of toxic chemicals.

And after a few hour’s research on the internet, I can see that this is hardly an uncommon opinion.

It seems many people believe governments around the world are secretly using planes to spray the atmosphere with aluminium, barium and strontium in order to deflect the sun’s rays and tackle global warming.

They point to the fact that these trails seem to spread out across the sky from horizon to horizon and then to settle, while contrails should disappear within a few minutes.

However, conspiracy theories are all very well, but is there any proof – or even strong evidence – that this is going on?

My first stop is US documentary What in the World are they Spraying, which several of our readers have pointed me towards.

In the programme by journalist and ‘activist’ Michael J Murphy the views expressed range from the plausible (chemtrails are part of projects to tackle climate change) to the faintly ridiculous (this form of geo-engineering is part of an evil government conspiracy to control the global population and create a new world order).


Admittedly, some of it looks rather convincing.

Soil readings showing elevated levels of aluminium and barium – sometimes up to 61 times greater than is considered ‘safe’ – and scientists talking about the benefits of geo-engineering (controlling the weather) do make you think that it’s far from impossible that chemtrails exist, particularly in the US.

However, I still can’t shake off the feeling this is just scaremongering – another barmy conspiracy theory with a limited following.

After all, the so-called experts in the documentary include a local dentist, a former Arizona senator (screeching hysterically about how chemtrails are causing Alzheimer’s), an author and a guy with a PhD in zoology. Not quite the scientific bigwigs I was hoping for.

And anyway, what does this all mean for the Costa del Sol? Luckily for me (as I’m still no closer to finding any answers), there is no shortage of people happy to share their thoughts on this phenomenon.

Torrox resident Liz Casey, 54, has been researching chemtrails for the past five years and has steadily become convinced that they are more than just a wild conspiracy theory.

“These trails just aren’t normal,” she tells me. “I know what a contrail looks like, and they don’t create these criss-cross zig-zag patterns that we see daily in the Costa del Sol skies.”

chem 2

The expat, who has lived in Spain for 12 years, adds: “You just have to look at the mass of research done on chemtrails – including soil tests and water tests – you’ll see that there are heavy amounts of chemicals falling on the earth.”

However, Phil Spiers, 44, who runs local environmental magazine La Chispa, based in Andalucia, believes that the internet has actually done us more harm than good when it comes to the chemtrails v contrails debate.

“There is so much stuff about chemtrails floating about on the web that no one is approaching the issue from the right angle and it’s just causing hysteria,” he says.

“It’s become all too easy for people to decide on their argument and then dig out some information to back it up.

“A lot of the stuff on the internet is flawed, and some is just plain made up.”

Spiers points out that while governments are certainly experimenting with weather-changing projects, there is no solid evidence that chemtrails exist.

He points out that many of the soil samples taken as evidence come from areas where pollution is a serious problem anyway, which may account for the high levels of chemicals.

“So much of this so-called evidence can be pulled apart,” he adds. “Yes, there’s a lot of pollution and there are chemicals in the soil that shouldn’t be there but this doesn’t mean they are caused by chemtrails.

“By focusing on this conspiracy theory that has no solid basis, all we’re doing is drawing attention away from the issues that really matter – things like melting ice caps and climate change.”

However, other theorists argue that there is in fact an abundance of scientific evidence to show chemtrails exist.

Medical anthropologist Dr Graham Hutt has studied these trails for several years in many different locations around the Mediterranean and insists that they are more than simply airplane vapour.

He says: “Researchers – including myself – have taken air samples and noted (with high-powered microscopy), high concentrations of aluminium particles of around 12 microns in size, often along with other toxic metals and chemicals.

“Other researchers have noted live virus’s in samples.”

What’s more, the scientist refutes claims that these strange cloud creations are nothing more than normal vapour trails emanating from commercial flights.

“This can easily be shown to be false because we observe spraying aircraft running four abreast, and then returning to criss-cross together at 90 degrees to create these cloud formations,” he adds.

“Weather experts I consulted say there is no way weather conditions can account for the phenomena.”

chem 3

Back in 2002, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker released a MoD document showing that the UK government conducted a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public between 1940 and 1979.

These included releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast areas of the population in Surrey and in the north of England.

Conspiracy theorists point to this example as a reason why we shouldn’t trust that European governments aren’t doing something similar now.

This seems fair enough, but in my mind the evidence is inconclusive.

Yes our soils contain chemicals, yes there are vapour trails in the sky and yes world governments are experimenting with geo engineering. But the question of chemtrails still hangs in the air.

So while I can’t imagine losing much sleep over chemtrails, it’s maybe not a bad idea to think twice when gazing at cloud formations in the Costa del Sol skies.

Because while it’s all too easy to dismiss chemtrails as a wacky conspiracy theory, until the unexplained is explained, I for one will be keeping an open mind.


  1. By open mind you really mean “closed mind”. The evidence is there from many scientists if you look hard enough!

    I lived in Spain for 25 years and during that time witnessed thousands of planes flying over the country, dozens at any one time when the war in Iraq was under way, when the Americans were sending convoys of planes endlessly over the sky’s of Spain! All those planes had normal contrails, then not so many years later the chemtrails appeared, this is not geo engineering. You need to do more research and not just a flick through the internet for a quick fix!

    I now live in Malta and the vast majority of planes leave only contrails, except the occasional plane seems to approach the island with a normal contrail which suddenly becomes a chemtrail, all at the flick of a button.

    • Well said, Steve. And the author of this article is really showing his ignorance by laughing off the idea of a new world order when not only is it something we are being ushered into but so many World leaders have got up on their podiums and talked about. Chemtrails, geoengineering and the underlying global warming scam are all taking us towards the one world government / totalitarian state. Lastly, this article fails to mention weather warfare and how chemtrails are officially defined as an “exotic weapon” – this is another large part of the same jigsaw puzzle. See our site – “http://cpuk.org” – for a great intro/overview.

  2. At some point, merely in order to function, one has to “rein in” the open mind, not least to prevent creeping paranoia!

    This story is, in my opinion, just another nonsense.
    Up there with shape-shifting lizards for humans.

    End of.

  3. Wow….so that means that many thousands of pilots, fuelling engineers, and other government employees with no obvious interest in contaminating the world have managed to do it AND keep it a secret….except from a bunch of incredibly perceptive amateurs.

    • You’d be surprised what people do when their under command and rely on the salary. Generally in any command chain Person A never knows more than higher ranking officer and the higher ranking officer never knows more than what he is told and so on. With your reasoning there would never have been wars in the world or pharmaceutical drugs made that knowingly harm us. etc. But guess what, there is. People do what they are told because we are born into submission trained from first day in school to respect authority and not to question.

  4. It would seem by some who have left comments here that they dismiss out of hand this very valid article that attempts to talk about an issue that has been nown about in many nations for the past ten years , in my own experiance some three years over the costa del sol and other area’s of Spain . When growing up I was often told it was one of the lowest forms of ignorance to dismiss anything you did not know about out of hand . So the very least anyone can do is research the subject prior to exposing themselves as ignorant ! Google “What in the world are they spraying” Also Google Rosalind Peterson her report on persistant chemtrails is very thorough research .

  5. Some of the areas on the planet showing the highest concentrations of the three metals described in the article are areas where you would expect the least pollution from industry ,northern California for example where in some areas it has hit 12k microns per m3 !. Also it is hardly a coincidence that GMO companies are working on new strains of cereal and other crops that can flourish with these high levels of Aluminium in the soil .
    Here in Alicante we also have persistant chemtrails obscuring the sun quite frequently something that I did not notice when I lived in the area from 96 to 2004 .
    As a frequent flyer the commercial flights that you see from the plane whilst airborne seem to leave a totally different trail to the type mentioned in the article above .
    Yes I firmly believe there is something very strange going on however such is
    our political system at the moment we will never get to the bottom of it .

  6. Chemtrails is a long running hoax which has ensnared thousands of people in a cult-like belief system. So sad, and some of them have gone so far into the delusion that they are threatening commercial planes carrying pasengers.

    The co-producer of the film “What In The World Are They Spraying, Mr. G. Edward Griffin, has recently come out to try and calm things down. Griffin has done further research and found the planes making “chemtrails” to be ordinary passenger jets. Read about it yourself:

  7. As I mentioned about “reining in”, Bertha, at what point AM I actually licensed to “dismiss something”?
    You don’t know (in my case, for example) what I have or haven’t read, however dismissive I may choose to be.
    On such infinite levels of “open-mindedness” the likes of Scientology, Apollo Hoax, David Icke et al ultimately thrive.

  8. Russ: You could include homeopathy. U.F.O.s and many other daft “ologies” This is just another to add to a long list of paranoias. To address (God knows why) just one of the assertions made. Spraying stuff from planes to alter climate. What’s the point, if it falls to the ground? It would have to stay up there to have any effect. Nope, it’s just contrails, all the more visible in Spain, due to a greater frequency of clear , blue skies.

  9. Well now, if I planned to destroy a world, I’d first teach the inhabitants to procreate without self control. Next, I’d give them all kinds of wasteful technologies that would create surplus heat, poisonous gases, radiation, air, water, soil pollution, and rapidly evolving drug resistant diseases. Finally, just in case they started to figure out what I was up to, my last trick would be to plant “agents provocateurs” to play the part of activists, investigative reporters, and fringe politicians, all working to spread increasingly silly theories, discounting real science and factual observations, and insisting: “It’s only common sense that…”.

    If you want to know who’s really to blame for (your choice), take a closer look at the hordes of loud, pasty-faced creatures who invade our peaceful playas and campo every year. They claim to be British, but I wonder if they aren’t just a little more alien that that.

  10. Alun Whittaker,
    how dare you corroborate what David Attenborough has been saying for years but is deliberately omitted from any interview he gives.

    You realise that the God botherers will see your post and attack – don’t you know that God will provide and anyway you’ll be alright when you get to heaven and if you believe that you’ll believe anything.

  11. Haha! Be prepared to be criticised by all sides now, Stuart. Satire doesn’t always translate as well as it deserves to!
    Religion has an awful lot to answer for, it’s true, including animal abuse – with man having been taught he “has dominion” over them. I often wonder if the Spanish tradition of bullfighting (on the decline) is linked to a general decline in a strong Divine belief system here.
    Anyway, I digress! My apologies….
    Back to the poor, beleaguered, misunderstood contrails.

  12. I been in places with hardly any normal air traffic – and the sky is covered with plums – and then i see in openings in the plums,, silver colored jets sneaking over top of the plums spraying lines ,that turn into the plums .and they look like there working at it.. Some people act as this cant be done! its not that complicated for them.

  13. how dissapointing,,,chemtrails are real and they are there for all to see,,,but yet you clearly,,by giving paid agents,,who know who they are,,the platform to mock those who have given there lives to get the onfo out there,,,are you also on the wage list olive press,,,im sorry,,but you all need to wake up..now…heres to the victory of light.
    r.i.p = Environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life.

  14. Dr Graham Hutt has qualifications in or is involved in – Aromatherapy, Reflexology and live blood analysis.

    Research that little lot to find out that it’s absolutely bonkers.

    And spraying toxic materials over Surrey? Yeah, right! They were poisoning themselves then…

    Looks like some people are so open minded their brains have fallen out.

  15. Oh, all right, I admit it, it was me! I made the “chem trails”. I just couldn’t help it. I don’t know if it was the plums, the beans, or that German liverwurst, but I did it, I’m sorry, and I swear it won’t happen again. And if it does, I’ll confess immediately.. in sky writing. Now, please stop picking on me.

  16. Its up to us to defend our country, our rights, everyone needs to start looking up because this is very real. I never believed in this crap I told my husband he was crazy.. then I looked up and after lots and lot’s of homework and taking my own photo’s watching these plains drop poison on our heads I am now a believer of something that is very real.

  17. Chemtrails are real. I noticed them in the skies of Andalucia three years ago or so. I thought “what the hell is that” went to the internet and found out that these weird lines that lingered in the skies above were not contrails (I know what a contrail is) seen them all my life.
    I too, have seen all the docs and read many articles written by reliable people from all over the world. I don’t know why! the evil governments are doing this, but I am 100% convinced that what I see in the sky…. ARE NOT A CONTRAIL!

  18. Bertrand Russell, advisor to presidents, wrote the following in his book, The Impact of Science on Society (1953):
    “At present the population of the world is increasing. . . War so far has had no great effect on this increase. . . I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others. . . If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. . . The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it. Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially the suffering of others.”

    And here is a quote from Prince Philip:
    “In the event that I am reincarnated I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to overpopulation.” Reported by Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA) 1988.

  19. Months on from this article , film footage continues to come in showing planes at high altitude on none flight paths, spraying , often daily , they are high enough that they make “no sound” to those of us on the ground. They work in teams of up to five jets in the air space they are spraying, for hours at a time . They say seeing is believing , so for those who wish to dismiss the issue , all I can say is that you are paid agents working as mouth pieces for the powers that be who are doing this to our world, in the strange distorted belief that this will not impact on you personaly or on those you care for . Truth is sometimes a hard pill to swollow or a pay cheque more important that life itself .

  20. There is an excellent documentary on youtube, called “Shade” in which a whistleblower talks about retrofitting planes to carry liquids that can be discharged from the planes.

    Another great clip is an interview with Dr Russell Blaylock, board certified neurosurgeon, in
    which he recommends Curcumin and Quercetin as supplements that bind and neutralize aluminum toxicity. He says that if you take both it will really help and Quercetin is much easier for the body to absorb if you mix it with extra
    virgin olive oil. One of the ingredients in the “persistent contrails” is nano aluminum, which goes directly to the brain through the nasal passages.

    On the lighter side, I recommend this clip from the Colbert report:

  21. sorry all,what a galaaaaaaa! its the old oz accent coming into play….you would understand i meant brain…..have i got away with that???……..a before i except after sangria…as my old drunk teacher would say!

  22. I note your comment Paul , certainly agenda 21 is being kept away from public knowledge , strange that a trans Atlantic trade agreement would have its details hidden from public view ! , that in itself should be a mighty wake up call to us all, that its not for our benifit and if the facts got out it would be stopped. As to Geo-engineering of our weather (chemtrails being part of that program) its hardly something JUST to keep us busy Paul, its impacts are here and now and getting worse for millions across the globe.

  23. Bertha,a few friends and I have been following this march to global domination through various websites including natural health info as well as what has been happening to our food through GMOs.We are indeed heading for a global catastrophe unless people start to join some of the dots and start speaking out. However, when you try to encourage others to do the research they simply can’t accept the possibility that governments would be conspiring, though some unwittingly, to serve the interests of corporations like big pharma and seed companies.
    I wonder how long we have before censorship of the internet begins to shut down sites that are pumping out information about the direction we are all heading. Keep an eye on Fukishima!

  24. Hi Paul , Looks as if we are joining the same dots ! Others are also doing the same . I agree if people dont wake up to whats going on, the NWO will be established wall to wall , inside every nation , going back to some semblance of any form of real democracy will be far harder to achieve . The people driving the new world order are very clever at throwing smoke screens and soft talk people into thinking they are not so bad, things are not what they seem, clever mind bending propaganda , BBC is up to its neck in the garbage it spreads , very bad times indeed for the entire world ! Lets hope more people are aware of what is going on, so we can turn the tide, this evil infiltration of all our nation states within government has got to be exposed and fully understood.

  25. 55 banks own 13,000+ trans global businesses, who between them own 45,000+ global businesses, which overall control over 60% of all world trade.

    Part of the NWO plan is to collapse the world economy, causing the sheeple to cry out for order from the chaos.

    Ironically ALL the majority need to do is stop consuming when the NWO collapse the economy and the whole NWO house of cards would implode very quickly.

    Spraying chemicals over the populace is done to ensure docility and compliance to the NWO schemes.

    Sheeple are too servile to resist, but the big question will be when the economies are collapsed, will they revert to thinking and exercise survival skills, or line up to take the slaves bands that approval by the NWO for welfare will require?

  26. Someone quite close to me once remonstrated that he hasn’t got time to troll through that load of tripe on the internet to research some of the things I was telling him. He couldn’t entertain that governments would set up false flags to advance an agenda. “Are you crazy?” he said. Maybe I am, a little, but not about the research I have done, with indisputable source material from scientists, economists, doctors and whistle blowers.
    To anyone who dismisses these, so called conspiracy theories out of hand without research has a mind like a parachute that isn’t open – it doesn’t work and has absolutely no use to man nor beast.

  27. Like I said earlier, merely in order to function, one has to “rein in” the open mind at some point, plus add an element of rationaliity.
    If genuine I’m left wondering if these so-called “chemtrails” cause paranoia as one of their chief symptoms, because if so they would appear to be highly effective(!)

  28. Rationality Russ,comes after the research and investigation. If you don’t do that, from whence cometh your conclusions? Instead of leaving yourself bereft of any convictions yourself do the research. An open mind doesn’t correlate to an empty head nor one full of crap. I think your last comment was rather disingenuous. Please don’t take this as a personal criticism. I’m only challenging words not personalities. Love and light, especially light!

  29. Thank you Paul, nice to meet you , Cant fault any of your comments. As for anyone finding fault with mine , it is of no matter , my view is far wider than myself , my concerns are for those who follow us, and for the amediate future of mankind . This debate is to broaden awareness not have the debate undermined by those who do not see , or do not want to see.

  30. Hello again Bertha. Always good to hear from people who have done the research. We won’t agree on everything, but one reality (to us)remains constant and that is that there are forces at work with subjection and domination as their chief goal. Keep up the good work and encourage others to investigate, question and conclude.
    Love. You already have the light.

  31. Kind words Paul , thank you very much , I will continue to raise awareness at every opportunity. I have like minded friends who do the same . The rise in numbers of those who are now aware over the past few years is all to the good. I do have sympathy for those who cant face what is going on ! Sometimes I would rather not be aware myself , life would be far more enjoyable knowing those I care for are safe. A fools paradise is no paradise in the final , as you and I both know . Blessings Paul, thank you for being you.

  32. Those of you who doubt are the types of people who are more dedicated to sports personalities and their teams results as if you know them personally….it leads your conversations every day, Soap Operas….the same, however hen it comes to topics such as Chem-Trails (which are real, documented, confirmed by government scientists among other governments personnel, to include the very pilots and maintenance people), therefore, with such compelling evidence, why do you doubt with researching and confirming for yourselves. This topic is only one area… 9/11, Iraq, Afghan, North Africa…. and if you study ”the accurate-real History” you will be shocked and learn to question everything governments do….because it is not for you, there are higher priorities….
    I would assume, most of you doubters have children, grandchildren so why don’t you put your efforts into learning about the world you’ve been living in and been deceived in all your life so that you can assist them on their journey, anything else is nothing short of neglect…. Good luck and wake up…At least the subject is being discussed, which is positive

    • While you sky paranoiacs are looking upwards at non-existent poison, the real toxic stuff is pouring out of the nearest diesel (and petrol) exhaust at your ankles.

  33. I flew here last week from uk! Once plane was above clouds I was shocked to see planes spraying and clouds as high as my plane. The spray is definitely expanding and with planes x crossing it produces clouds and blocks sun. Now this is real and ur does change weather. I just don’t know if it’s poisoning us? Yesterday over Marbella every plane produced these trails and it went cloudy, today no planes trailed? No clouds as a result! It’s blatant but not enough people believe it, also in regards to Alzheimer’s my mum has it and she’s not too old, I live near manc and Liverpool airport flight path and see many trails, is it related I’m not sure but it’s defo not right, and global warming is a lie so I’m not sure what going on!

    • I live in Malta and on a daily basis I see hundreds of planes fly over the country. A good 50% of these plane emit contrails the rest emit chemtrails. How do I know this? Well Malta is a small island and i see planes enter the airspace of Malta with normal contrails, once in the airspace of Malta these turn to chemtrails. When the said planes leave the airspace these chemtrails return to normal contrails. The chemtrail is then left hanging in the sky for many hours spreading wider all the time until the entire sky becomes white, whereas the contrails vaporise within seconds. Please explain to everyone how both scenarios can be construed as ‘water freezing behind the engines’!

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