Thursday, 23 February, 2017

La Cultura

The town hall is currently considering an 'immediate and partial' closure of the Puente Nuevo to traffic to prevent further subsistence

There's a lot more to King Felipe than meets the eye

The diocese could be facing an administrative fine from the Ministry of Culture

Environmentalists claim the trees are rapidly depleting a precious underground aquifer

Oscar-winning Spanish director 'overwhelmed' at landing top role

The ship was sunk by Spanish cannons off the coast of Uruguay in 1763

Authorities say the lifeless body was found on Friday

Bosses of the cliff-hugging walkway have pushed forward improvement works in time for this summer’s rush

The government revealed that 35% admitted to never partaking in the pastime on the eve of a huge school reading drive

The shooter has claimed he has 'no memory' of the murders

Detectives from the environment section Seprona said it was one of the worst attacks they had seen

Catalan leaders are being accused of undermining attempts to repatriate priceless Romanesque frescoes

Pedro Almodovar’s flick Julieta and Catalan actress Laia Costa have both been nominated for a gong at the glitzy British ceremony

They will join The 1975 and Justice at the Bilbao BBK Live 2017 festival, taking place from July 6-8

The weeks aim is to promote flamenco dress as a 21st century fashion

His best known works include The Spanish Labyrinth and South from Granada: Seven Years in an Andalusian Village

Just months after being released from a sentence for corruption and money laundering ‘la Pantoja’ has got a gold disc for her new album

A poll by Buzzfeed in 23 countries, discovered that 77% of respondents in Spain believe people should be able to use the bathroom of the sex they most identify with, compared with 62% in the UK and just 47% in the US

Cutting edge and successful new Spanish language plays are now being performed throughout the city as part of the El Festival de Teatro de Malaga

It is hoped locals will open their doors to the families for 10 days

The famous wetland, a paradise for birdlife, is currently in danger of losing its UNESCO World Heritage Site status

Catalan leaders stand accused of undermining attempts to repatriate priceless artworks

Only 22.2% of 68,560 couples tied the knot at the country's catholic altars in the first half of 2016

The film is expected to premiere next May

Foreign visitors spent €60 billion in the country last year

Oliver Riley, 19, was runner-up in the Calumet Student Photographer of the Year 2016 competition for his shot of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona


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