Saturday, July 4, 2020

WATCH: Proteccion Civil officers sing Happy Birthday and blare sirens for girl on Spain’s Costa del Sol amid extended...

It comes as Spain’s lockdown has been extended for another 14 days until April 26

Bullfighters ask Spanish Government for €700 million to help save the ‘sport’ amid the coronavirus crisis

BULLFIGHTERS have asked the Government for €700 million to help save the ‘sport’.

The TOP 10 books to get you through Spain’s coronavirus crisis

WE all need a bit of escapism, even in the best of times, but making space in our busy lives to delve into the pages of a gripping yarn was another matter. Until now...

Top 10 best sports films to watch in Spain during the coronavirus lockdown

DURING the lockdown most people now spend all day at home and one of the ways to keep yourselves occupied is to watch films.

CORONAVIRUS: Gibraltar galleries next to close as culture goes digital

GALLERIES are next to close and culture goes online in Gibraltar after the Coronavirus pandemic grows to ten total cases in the British territory.

PRADO IN YOUR PJ’S: The 13 virtual museum tours you can do FROM BED amid Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

Stuck at home and not sure what to do with yourself? Beat the coronavirus lockdown with these virtual museum tours you can take while tucked up in bed

Costa Blanca landmark to go into public ownership ahead of €300k restoration project

EL CAMPELLO’S famous Barranc d'Aigües Tower will soon be brought into public ownership to protect the 16th-century landmark from further damage.

LONG READ: You won’t believe these multi-million euro property empires of the British Dukes of Wellington and Westminster in...

The Sunday Times named him the world’s richest man under 30. Now Hugh Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster is investing his millions in Madrid and he’s not the only one...

Legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s work going on sale in London for as little as €6,300

PICASSO’S works have gone on sale for as low as €6,300.

Malaga Film Festival postponed over coronavirus fears

The Malaga Film Festival has been postponed due to the spread of coronavirus and the risk to the thousands of people who will attend

New York suffragettes, Charing Cross station and Annie Lennox – the surprising history of International Women’s Day

International Women's Day (IWD) has been observed since the early 1900's - a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialised world

International Women’s Day: We sit down with a feisty Franco survivor honoured for her heroics in fascist, male-dominated Spain

‘TO tell a woman everything she cannot do, is to tell her what she can’ is a Spanish proverb that perfectly fits...

EXCLUSIVE: Spain’s Rosa Pich, a mum of 18 children, has THIS advice on International Women’s Day

“The future of young women now looks very bright,“ she told the Olive Press

Over a century after International Women’s Day first started, Karen Livermore asks, are things really any better in 2020?

Let's celebrate us and what we have achieved and what we can continue to achieve. There’s still a lot to do

FALSE FRIENDS: Beware these linguistic enemies which trick many a Spanish student, warns Charlie Smith

These are not the mates who bitch about you behind your back or slink off without paying for their share of the bill

Spain’s Andalucian Parliament supports law recognising importance of gypsy population in flamenco

The gypsy population has a ‘central role’ in the birth and current formation of flamenco

Open invite to one of the world’s Top 10 St Patrick’s Day Celebrations – here on Spain’s Costa Blanca

ORIHUELA COSTA hosts one of the biggest St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in the entire world, and Olive Press readers have an open...

Spain’s Alhambra sells 12,590 tickets in eight hours with new ticket sales system

THE Alhambra Palace in Granada has sold 12,590 tickets in the first eight hours of its new ticketing system.

Cinema ticket sales increase in Spain by 37% in the last six years

ATTENDANCE in Spanish cinemas has grown by 37% in the last six years.

Big win for young Gibraltarian artist at annual art competition

Zulaika Vallance wins top prize in Gibraltar Young Art Competition 2020 with her piece, 'How People With Dwarfism Were Represented In The 1600s'

British Expats are Keeping their Traditions Alive in Spain

It’s a traditionally British thing to uphold traditional British activities regardless of where in the world the British find themselves. As such, it shouldn’t...

IN PICS: Fiesta season kicks off in Spain’s Costa Blanca with free fun in the sun

FORMENTERA DEL SEGURA was one of many places on the Costa Blanca that enjoyed a carnival atmosphere, this weekend.

Granada’s Alhambra Palace offers FREE craft workshops on Nasrid history THIS WEEK to celebrate Dia de Andalucia

The Nasrid dynasty was the last Moorish Muslim dynasty in the Iberian Peninsula, ruling the Emirate of Granada from 1230 until 1492

IN PICS: Spectacular 15,000-year-old carvings uncovered in Spanish cave

They are said to be extremely fragile and can be damaged by merely being touched

Are books losing out to video games and films in Gibraltar?

WITH children playing more video games and watching films than ever, World Book Day will try to put reading back on the map with activities for kids.