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WATCH: Contestants on Spanish TV gameshow ridiculed for thinking women and CHILDREN have larger brains than men – and it costs them €275,000 

TWO contestants on a Spanish game show have been ridiculed after losing €275,000 on a question about the relative brain sizes of men, women and children.

The Antena 3 show ‘Atrapa un millón’ (Catch a Million) asked the two young women: “On average, who has the largest brain?” The options were: women, children, and men.

In the format of the show, the pair had to decide how much money to wager on each option, with the potential to multiply their winnings if they answer correctly – or lose their wager if they are incorrect.

Brimming with confidence, they quickly dismissed the option of men. 

The contestants were asked: “On average, who has the largest brain?” The options were: women, children, and men.

“They don’t have the biggest brains. Men, no,” one of them said, as the audience chuckled.

Their mistake was colossal: on average, men do have larger brains than women, and especially children, half of which will grow to become men.

The contestants attempted to justify their answer with logically unsound arguments and ‘spectacular deduction’.

They quickly and confidently dismissed men as having the larger brains

“In prehistoric times, which is when the brain developed, they hunted and women gathered fruits. That’s why we differentiate more colours,” one of them said. 

“Our brains have to be more developed.” 

Despite their confidence that women had larger brains than men, they still decided to wager the bulk of their earnings that children also had the larger brains.

They bet a whopping €275,000 – including €175,000 on children having bigger brains than men

They put €175,000 on the children’s option, €100,000 on women and zero on men.

When host Juanra Bonet revealed the correct answer, the contestants watched their dream of winning a quarter of a million euros vanish.

With cameras focused on them and their families, they watched in dismay as they first lost €100,000 on the women option, realising the impending disaster. “We’re done,” they cried.

As the remaining €175,000 vanished with the incorrect answer, their despair was palpable. They had lost it all.

Despite it being a slightly ‘troll’ question, social media users did not hold back. They harshly criticised the contestants for their lack of basic general knowledge and their arrogant attitude.

They were predictably slated for putting ‘ideology ahead of biology’ and ‘going broke by going woke.’

“Imagine losing €275,000 because you believed the feminist narrative,” wrote one user.

“It’s a shame that woke culture has idiotised them, so that they confuse the size of the brain with a greater connection between the hemispheres,” wrote a female user.

“Women have a 30% greater connection between the hemispheres, but they don’t have physically larger brains.”


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