16 Dec, 2007 @ 09:18
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Dogs rescued from rescue centre


OVER 200 dogs were on the verge of being put down after a police raid on a farm in Sevilla.

Describing the scene as an “absolute tragedy”, animal charities battled around the clock to save the dogs from certain death.

When police raided the farm – which claimed to be a rescue centre – near El Cuervo earlier this month they found the animals in an appalling state. They were extremely thin and covered in sores.

They lived in a huge compound living off scraps and even the bones of other dead dogs. None of them had been registered, nor seen a vet.

When confronted the owner of the farm threatened to commit suicide if the dogs were taken from him. The pensioner considered himself a dog lover, and was horrified at the implications.
Animal shelters across Spain jumped into action to save the dogs – mostly greyhounds.

One shelter, Scooby Medina, in Medina del Campo, Valladolid has so far managed to save 80 of the dogs.

Now the regional veterinary office and the police are negotiating on how to save the dogs.

Animal charities such as Scooby Medina have made an appeal to anyone else who can take in the malnourished dogs.

A spokesman for the group said: “We managed to get a stay of execution from the police to put them down and we are working around the clock to find new homes.”

Visit www.scoobymedina.com or call 983 481 065

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