18 Sep, 2008 @ 13:55
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Terror gang shoots couple in bar raid


A YOUNG married couple were shot as their bar was robbed in the early hours of the morning.

Pati and David CarmonaPati and David Carmona had just closed their bar El Rincon in Bobadilla Estacion, when she spotted a man outside with a balaclava and an axe.

While terrified, her husband decided to confront the man and grabbed a metal bar from behind the counter.

But on opening the door he was confronted by five men, understood to be Romanian, who had just stolen a 4×4 and a shotgun an hour earlier in nearby Bobadilla.

While the couple quickly put their hands in the air one of the men fired the gun, leaving Pati with lead shots in both legs and a wound in her neck.

It was only because she pulled her husband to the floor that they avoided being seriously injured.

David was then held to the ground with the shotgun at his neck, while the gang stole the fruit machine, money from the till, David’s mobile and some of their stock.

“I have never been so terrified”, Pati told the Olive Press. “There was a huge gaping hole in the side of the bar and I am lucky to be alive.

“Police told us that we were one of three bars to be targeted on the same night and that they had managed to track them down. ”

The couple are undergoing psychological treatment for the shock and medical treatment for their injuries. Pati still has lead shot embedded in her bone and tendons.

“The problem is we don’t have any police protection here” said Pati. “All the police patrol in Antequera, but none come here so it makes us an ideal target.”

Police told the couple that the gang, who had been living in Humilladero for the last few months, had recently been arrested in Burgos, in the north of Spain.

“But for how long will they be detained? We are now afraid that they will come back” explained Pati. “This has been a nightmare for us and the fear of that night will never go away.”

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