2 Nov, 2008 @ 11:10
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Tyson’s claws his way back


Satanic Siamese who terrorised tourists and dogs gets a reprieve

Tyson the catAS comeback’s go this takes the whiskers.

Carted away after hospitalising a tourist and terrorising the neighbourhood for years, there didn’t seem much hope for Tyson.

But now Andalucia’s hardest cat is back on the prowl, having clawed his way out of the dog pound.

The half-Siamese tomcat had been rounded up by Ronda police in September after a vicious attack on a French tourist.

The Olive Press revealed how Tyson – as we dubbed him – launched himself four times at the pensioner who was carrying a pet Yorkshire Terrier.

Clawing his way up her back, the female tourist had to be taken to hospital covered in blood.

After a long-running vendetta against local dogs, he was swiftly seized by police and was facing being put down.

€6,000 fine

His owner, a Spanish pensioner, was facing a 6000 euro fine for not having him microchipped or properly vaccinated.

“But now he is back,” said neighbour Gunter Spear, who watched the savage attack, and has seen Tyson fight a number of dogs, including Alsations, over the last few years.

“It is a surprise to everyone. We all thought he was history,” he continued. “They have been trying to clean the old town up cats for months and we thought he would be a prime target.

“Let’s hope his little stay at His Majesty’s service taught him a lesson.”

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  1. The handsome ‘kitty’ looks like a cross between a male ‘ gato montés ‘ and a female Siamese. The lads come down from the wooded hills when the domestic lasses are in heat. There are many skulking about in Los Picos. They don’t like people, dogs or other cats – except the aforementioned ones from the villages.

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