23 Mar, 2009 @ 20:39
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Black out around Andalucia


Don’t forget to join the millions of people around Spain for Earth Hour on March 28 to send a message over Climate Change

By Sarah Gordon

ANDALUCIA’S leading monuments will be ‘switched off’ this week.

Both the Alhambra Palace and Sevilla’s Cathedral among other famous sites will turn their lights off in solidarity with the world for Earth Hour on March 28.

The historic sights will be joined by the entire town of Alcalá la Real, in Jaen, as well as Granada, in saving energy for an hour.


They will be linked to 2,140 other cities in 82 countries to turn their lights off for an hour from 9.30pm local time.

Millions of other homeowners across Spain will also be switching off for the cause, aimed to raise awareness of global warming.

The event, organised by the World Wildlife Fund, is being hailed as the first global election with the aim of presenting one billion ‘votes’ to leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen later this year.

UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon has also joined the campaign announcing the lights of UN headquarters in New York will be turned off .

He said: “I urge citizens everywhere to join us. Please send a strong message on climate change. “Together we can find a solution to this most serious of global challenges.”

Companies such as Ikea, Lidl and Coca-Cola have also announced their support for the event.

The Olive Press has been campaigning to join the day since earlier this year.


  1. We powered down for an hour or so… Candlelight and conversation. Nice bottle of wine and a bit of guitar strumming… Went outside to listen to the eagle owls… Some people think it’s a waste of time once a year but we use solar and wind power to help with our daily electricity usage anyway and are generally low power users. No air conditioning no electric heaters…

    I guess us turning off our power makes little difference except that it means we care a little bit and understand about our carbon footprint

  2. The only thing that will make a difference is when fossil fuels run out and massive change is forced on the world. No more cars and planes; back to the burros and the caballo. It will be a very different world for our childrens children that’s for sure, and unfortunately that change will be no better, for the alternative is just endless construction of nuclear power plants, with all the problems and long-term pollution they bring. Let us pray that someone harnesses fusion quickly…

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