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Death threats over pet dog

shih tzu

A VICIOUS row has led to alleged death threats over the ownership of a pet dog.

An English businessman claims to have been threatened by his ex-partner over the ownership of a pedigree Shih-tzu called Chico.

Richard Carrington, based in Marbella, claims he has received phone calls from an anonymous man threatening to “kill” him if he doesn’t give the dog back.

Carrington told the Olive Press: “Only last week my family received a telephone call from someone who told me they were being paid 1500 euros to kill me”.

The alleged threats are purported to come from Carrington’s ex-partner Joanne King, who has now moved back to the UK.

shih-tzu1But the former Puerto Banus boutique owner strenuously denies it, insisting that in fact she has never spoken to him and that the dog is registered in her name.

This certainly appears to be the case, with a veterinary surgery in Marbella confirming to the Olive Press that Chico is indeed legally registered to her.

According to paperwork the dog was registered as ‘chicuelito’ in her name on February 2, 2006.

A spokesman for the Pointer Clinic said: “I can confirm that the dog Chico is owned by Ms King.

“She registered the Shih-tzu in 2006 and as far as we are concerned there is no debate.”

However she revealed that last month someone else had attempted to re-register the dog.

And despite declining to give a name, documents appear to show that on March 2 one ‘Richard Carrington’ attempted to change the ownership of the dog. “But it was rejected,” said the spokesman.

Joanne King is extremely worried that Chico, who was born in November 2005, is not being well looked after and that her former partner may even sell the dog.

“I am very worried. I love Chico so much. I bought him in 2006 as a puppy and he is very, very sweet and dear to me.

“It is the not knowing what kind of state Chico is in. I have not seen him since November and I am very worried. I sent a pet courier to pick him up, but Richard refused to talk to him. Please help me to get him back.”

Businessman Carrington meanwhile insisted that Chico is fine.

He told the Olive Press: “He is OK. We have all the paperwork and he is being looked after well. We are a family and just want to be left alone.

“This woman is a nutcase. I have reported her to the police who have told me that she will be arrested at Malaga airport if she ever sets foot here again.”

Joanne King however insists that she is perfectly sane and intends to come over to collect her dog later this month.

shih-tzu-storyShe said that her former lover was a childhood sweetheart who came back into her life after a chance meeting in Puerto Banus two years ago.

She claims that the pair quickly hit it off and fell in love again, but that Carrington has since dumped her for a friend and left her financially ruined.

“It has been a disaster meeting him again,” said King, 52, who now lives in London. .

“The whole thing backfired dramatically, but now I just want my dog back.”


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