A FURIOUS Spanish politician has rejected an apology after the FBI used his “hair and forehead” to create a present-day image of Osama Bin Laden.

Former Izquierda Unida leader, Gaspar Llamazares was enraged after the agency’s “cutting edge” technology merely involved using a photo of him found on Google.

“I want a thorough investigation into this disgraceful case.”

And he has now refused the US ambassador’s attempt to defuse the tense political situation.

“Apologies are not enough,” blasted Llamazares.

“I want a thorough investigation into this disgraceful case, which not only causes concern but also worry and indignation over the behaviour of the FBI.”

“If this is how security against terrorism is guaranteed, whose hands are we in?”

Llamazares added that he was concerned what the repercussions would have been if the face of a general member of public had been used instead.

“Most likely an unknown citizen on stepping into an airport would have received a good fright, if not something worse.”

The FBI previously revealed that a technician inexplicably used a photo of Llamazares found on Google to help produce the Bin Laden mug shot.


  1. Paul, take pity on Sr. L.

    There is a rumour that someone has photo-manipulated your features to represent a certain Sr. Z!

    Think the accompanying text is about his government’s unconditional apology to the public on behalf of his ‘professional’ political, legal and architectural countrymen in respect of the Property and Building Industry’s profiteering, and exploitation using Juntas, Town Halls etc.

    See the good you might have done through possibly have been misrepresented. Shame it’s only a rumour!

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