IT took more than 20 years for a development plan to be legally approved.

But some 1500 Marbella residents still face the wrecking ball after being left out of the town’s PGOU.

Despite thousands of homes now being officially legalised, many others were not included in the much-anticipated plans.

Notably, the Banana Beach complex – home to some 300 Spanish and expatriate homeowners – is still in line to be pulled down.

And resident John Toomey has vowed to fight on after branding the latest decision a “huge injustice” as well as “discrimination”.

The retired lawyer, 63, explained: “Our case is identical to a number of properties which have now been legalised.

“They want to reclaim the seafront, but there is no basis for this in law or reality.”

“A top Spanish architect (Angel Dias del Rio) put forward a case in Sevilla to show we were being discriminated against.

“But it was simply swept under the carpet by the Junta.”

Toomey, from London, also criticised the folly of trying to make an example of Banana Beach.

“They want to reclaim the seafront, but there is no basis for this in law or reality,” he added.

“If they really wanted to do this then they would have to demolish half of Marbella.”

On agreeing the new PGOU last week Marbella mayor Angeles Munoz previously declared that “16,000 families will now sleep in peace”.

Spare a thought for those Marbella homes still fighting for their own reconciliation.


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