A GROWING plague of bed bugs are feasting on hotel guests throughout Spain.

Madrid authorities have branded the rise as “approaching the level of an epidemic” and published a manual to help combat the tiny pests.

A dramatic rise of up to 20 per cent was recorded in 2008, according to a study by the National Association for the Control of Plagues.

The Mediterranean coast was deemed one of the worst-hit areas along with the Canary Islands.

The flat, oval, brownish-red creatures are found in mattresses and at night they gorge on the blood of sleeping humans.

The next morning itchy, red patches are found on the unsuspecting victim’s skin.

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  1. well for some reason i never liked that saying it always bothered me when it was time for bed i have never seen a bed bug in til i started to work here and i had a guy come down stairs for breakfast and told me that he couldnt sleep he had bed bugs all night tearing him up so i told him the its probably the soap that they use for the sheets and he said nope it aint that he said come to my room and u will see what im talking about and for the first time i have seen a bed bug and they are very ugly to me they look like roaches and eeehhhhh im very scared of bugs well all i could do in front of the customer was have a freaked out face and he laughed well thats my story about bed bugs….

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