Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Town in Spain’s Malaga purchases over €5,000 worth of predatory insect to protect its chestnut production

A TOWN in the province of Malaga has purchased over €5,000 worth of a predatory insect, in order to protect its chestnut productions.

Insects employed to protect crops in Spain’s ‘Sea of Plastic’

Many growers in Almeria's 'Sea of Plastic' have rejected chemical pesticides in favour of 'biological controls'

New line of bug goodies go on sale at one of Spain’s top supermarket chains

A SPANISH supermarket has launched a new range of creepy crawlies edibles into many of its stores. The new treats at 300 Carrefour stores include...

Spain to legalise insect production for human consumption

Flies, crickets and beetles could soon be crawling their way into Spanish cuisine

Maggots and summer heat drive rocketing olive oil prices

2014 named as the worst year for olives in 15 years

Millions of moths descend on Madrid

A combination of spring rains, summer heat and winds are being blamed for the arrival of the flying insects

“Playing Gulliver”

The Lilliput world is normally hidden from our eyes. It is hard to pay attention to what´s going on under our feet as we go about our everyday tasks in the “big” world

Once bitten, twice shy

A new book by Dr Vejay Singh – aka Dr Venom – trawls a terrifying list of creepy crawlies found in Andalucía and offers symptoms and treatments. Wendy Williams meets the man and picks out some of the nastiest nasties

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

A growth in the tiny creatures is sweeping across Spain




Spain’s Costa Blanca South continues positive trend with no Covid deaths for four days

GREAT NEWS published this afternoon in that the Vega Baja region of Costa Blanca South has recorded no Coronavirus-related deaths for four days. The last...