A TOWN in the province of Malaga has purchased over €5,000 worth of a predatory insect, in order to protect its chestnut productions.

The town of Farajan has spent €5,250 on purchasing 30 batches of torymus sinensis, in order to kill the Chinese chestnut wasp.

The torymus sinensis is the natural predator to the Chinese chestnut wasp which has been wreaking havoc on chestnut production in the area.

The insects that were acquired by the town council were released by the Mayor of Farajan himself, Fernando Fernandez.

According to Fernandez, the main criteria that they have followed when carrying out the releases has been to distribute the batches in lands and plots that are owned by residents of the town.

Similarly, the batches have been released trying to cover the maximum chestnut area possible taking into account that the amount of torymus released – according to environmental technicians – is in accordance with the recommended amount.

This way the town council supports farmers economically who no longer have to purchase the torymus sinensis themselves.

The Mayor also reminded the Andalucian Government that they have committed to releasing 680 batches of the predatory insect in the region, with only 160 having been released so far.

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