A SPANISH supermarket has launched a new range of creepy crawlies edibles into many of its stores.

The new treats at 300 Carrefour stores include ‘spicy chilli buffalo worms’, energy bars made from chocolate, figs and ‘powdered crickets’, and pasta and granola brimming with insect goodness.

“The idea is to offer customers the most innovative products and provide alternatives that are sustainable and respectful of the environment,” explained a spokesman.

“These products are made entirely in Europe. They are made by hand and use ingredients derived from eco-friendly farming.”

The new items come with a premium price tag – a 14g box of Jimini’s crunchy crickets cost €7 for example.

However the packaging is made from recycled paper and includes detailed information about both the ingredients and their nutritional values.

The supermarket claims that they are both nutritional and good for the environment, claiming the production of edible insects reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 99%.

It also helps to limit water pollution and consumption and are part of a wider attempt to improve animal welfare and reduce the company’s environmental impact.

According to the UN, at least two billion people regularly consume insects, and the tiny creatures could help meet the food needs of the world’s growing population.

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