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Supermarket sweep: How prices compare on a weekly shop in Spain?

Sizing up the best choice for our weekly shop is a tedious exercise that never seems to pass its sell-by-date. But there’s more to it than purely shaving the odd cent off the bill, writes Heather Galloway.

Million Euro lottery ticket bought in Carrefour on Spain’s Costa Blanca – numbers revealed

A WINNING ticket in Europe’s international lottery has netted a cool MILLION euros. The lucky winner bought the ticket at the Carrefour Shopping Center, just...

COVID-19: The Carrefour carers saved Belinda Beckett’s bacon when she was down to limp lettuce and her last drop...

EVERYONE else may be box set bingeing, social notworking or writing their novels. I wish.  We spent the first week of lockdown watching a matchstick...

Spain unveils new electric car charging points at Carrefour and McDonald’s

Alongside Malaga, Madrid, Valencia and Castilla-La Mancha also have points in various retail areas across the city

British pensioner praises Spanish local for handing him €400 he unwittingly left in cash machine on Spain’s Costa del...

A BRITISH pensioner has praised a Spanish local for handing him €400 he had unwittingly left hanging out of a cash machine. Alistair Thomson,...

New line of bug goodies go on sale at one of Spain’s top supermarket chains

A SPANISH supermarket has launched a new range of creepy crawlies edibles into many of its stores. The new treats at 300 Carrefour stores include...

Carrefour goes green as it announces paperless shopping in Spain

The move is part of its Papel 0 initiative which intends to systematically eliminate the use of paper receipts

Supermarket chains told to merge or die as international players reign in Spain

The country’s supermarkets face being overpowered

Carrefour to create 3,000 jobs in Spain

The big supermarket chain aims to help combat youth unemployment

Carrefour in Spanish sales boost

Spanish sales returned to positive territory for the first time since 2008

Gordillo shirt pulled from H&M shelves

A shirt design supporting the food raids led by Gordillo has been removed from stores

Tech Review: USB 3G pay as you go modem in Spain

Spend periods of time in your home country and Spain? What's the best option to get internet access at a reasonable price while you are here?

Malaga port snubs French food giant Carrefour

French supermarket will not be allowed into the new high-profile port development

Ground down to size

Coffee giant Starbucks is the biggest loser in name and shame business ceremony held in Spain

How times change

Paul O’Connell re-visits a town of growth and prosperity





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