By Mason Jones

CLOTHING chain H&M has withdrawn a T-shirt bearing a logo in support of radical mayor and union leader Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo.

The T-shirt, which shows a hand clutching vegetables with the words ‘No world hunger – Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo’, was on sale for less than a week before being removed.

A spokesman for H&M said the firm apologised for causing controversy with the design and stated they ‘never intended to take sides’ with regard to the food raids in Carrefour and Mercadona supermarkets.

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  1. So what is politically inacceptable with the statement “Food to the People – no world hunger” to warrant an apology from anybody?
    Isn’t that what the whole world is clamouring for? Who cares who is making the statement? Ghandi did!

  2. Did H&M previously endorse Gordillo and his policies? I thought this was just a regular clothing store – thus making clothes that appeal to the general public. If they previously endorsed Gordillo but then yanked the shirt, that would be hypocrisy. But if H&M never took or endorsed Gordillo’s political stance then it isn’t hypocritical.

    In fact, it’s good business sense not to take a political stance that is going to alienate your client base.

    Sometimes I think people need to use dictionaries more.

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