BORED with her English banker Harry Potter star Emma Watson has gone continental with a new Spanish beau.

The 19-year-old is rumoured to be seeing Spanish rock-star, Rafael Cebrian, after splitting with financier Jay Barrymore, 28, after two years.

Cebrian, drummer for band The Monomes, has reportedly won the heart of the much sought after actress.

The Spaniard attends the prestigious Brown University in America where he has become very close to fellow student Watson since her break-up.

Famous for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter blockbusters, Watson even starred in a university production of The Three Sisters alongside Cebrian.

“Emma was nervous beforehand but was faultless in her role,” a friend explained.

“She has been juggling coursework with rehearsals and learning lines so she’s had a lot on her plate.”

The Chekhov play featured a 13-strong cast, but is a little different to the multi-million-euro blockbusters Watson usually appears in.


  1. I love Emma and I wish her the best regardless of what’s going on in her love life. I think Emma is too intelligent to break up with someone just because she’s “bored.” If they did, break-up, it probably had something to do with the long-distance between them. He’s in England and she’s in America.

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