EXCLUSIVE By Jon Clarke and Wendy Williams

A MYSTERY incident has seen the sudden departure of ‘Mr Marbella’ Maurice Boland from his post at Talk Radio Europe (TRE).

While the radio station would only officially confirm he was “away on sick leave”, its chairman Martin Nathan did not deny that there had been an incident involving a teenage entertainer.

Irish DJ Boland – who has worked since the 1980s in Marbella, interviewing a string of famous people, including British Prime Minister David Cameron – confirmed to the Olive Press that he was “stepping down.”

Station boss Nathan told the Olive Press: “I am not at this moment prepared to make a statement regarding the rumours, but I would ask you to consider the effect this is having on the family concerned.

“I am not concerned about the adult involved, that is a different thing, but I would ask you to respect the privacy of the youngster and the family.”

He continued: “I need to talk to the family to see if they are prepared to talk to you. At the moment they are trying to come to terms with a difficult situation.”

Despite reports, he insisted that the police had not been called to the radio station on Monday, Boland’s last day.

Nor would he confirm if Boland – who is married with three children – was confronted by the family.

He said: “All I can say officially is that he is away on sick leave and will not be returning. A further statement will follow shortly.”

One of the station’s long-term presenters however, confirmed the incidents to the Olive Press, adding: “I have been called to a big meeting tommorrow.

“All I can say is that there was a huge error of judgement on Maurice’s part, but it was not illegal.

“It is all rather tragic. I have worked with him for decades, but sadly, his position there is now clearly untenable.

“I feel most sorry for the charities he worked with like Cudeca, who will be missing out from all his hard work.”

Various internet sites meanwhile ran the rumours in full.

According to a comment left by ‘Ben Hampton’ on former TRE presenter Stephen Ritson’s blog, the family turned up at the studios on Monday.

After revealing the reasons why, he wrote: “The whole thing sickens me.”

Last night Boland confirmed that he had “talked” to the family, but that wasn’t why he had left.

“I’m stepping down for personal reasons, everything else is speculative. I have talked to the family and nothing illegal has happened.”

Boland first moved from Dublin to Marbella in the 1980s. His radio talk show took off in the 1990s and since then he has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, including Cliff Richard, Jeffrey Archer and Nigel Mansell.


  1. Fergal,

    it is local radio and most presenters are not highly payed,in fact some used to offer their services for free.

    Hannah was never initially meant to be a main presenter,but when Mary left she was thrust into the hot seat.

    MB always made sure he was highly paid as he thought the station revolved around him.

    It will be interesting to see how things pan out without a designated “leader”.

  2. It would be interesting if Barry could shed some light on how things operate at TRE. I, personally, am sick of hearing about September 11th on Crackpot Corner in the evening. At least once a week they talk about it. Absolutely no imagination. Maybe the World service should kick in at 18:00 and just stay on until the morning.

    I have to say that i do like the guy that reads the papers in the morning show from 08:00 am. Brilliant. Can’t comment on the daytime presenters but the evening is all about September 11th, aliens and worlds colliding. All points of view accepted by the presenter without comment.

  3. maurice boland was forced out of his job at TRE. because it was alleged he had an affair with a single consenting adult. Whether this was the right or wrong decision is not the point . The point is does this rule apply to all the presenters at TRE. And adultery does that qualify for dismissal?

  4. Just got an email telling me that people are still talking about this… Is it still hot news down there. Back in Blighty now and thank god, I don’t listen to that station anymore, but…. if the guy that reads the news in that soothing voice in the morning moves to UK radio. Please let us all know where your going.

  5. hi to barry mitchell,
    thought i’d look you up on the old net and came across all this commotion!! o dear me :) looks like you are in fine spirits my friend and still have your followers. you often cross my thoughts and i hope all is well on the mitchell front. look me up as i’m sure i’m alot easier to find than you have proven to be. If it wasn’t for the antics of boland i would be none the nearer
    hay ho MERRY XMAS and here’s to old o.c.i times!

  6. To: Barry Mitchell
    For what’s it’s worth, I know we’ve not always got on, but I genuinely miss your show! Had something going on Talksport recently with Graham and Parry, totally reminded me of you and Kane, with that paranoia thing going on.
    Anyway, if you get a petition going or something, count me in, you were wasted on these coastal stations (er… I didn’t mean that literally but that’s also true!).
    Boland!!!! Sorry, no comment.

  7. There is one thing I’d like to add and it pertains to some posters views on the age of the young girl.

    Now, legal or not, for me the issue is if a man over the age of 60 suddenly appears with a 16 year old as his partner.

    For me there is no legal issue here but a moral one. Sure, the girl may be legal but the age difference is phenomenal and… what could one possible talk about? Is Maurice now up to date with N-Dubz.

    Maurice may have been a good presenter but, when one thinks about it, his behaviour is shocking.

  8. Exactly as another poster said: “A legend in his own mind.” M. Boland. As we say in Ireland: “a right chancer”. Another definition would be a narcissist aka “Radio ME”. In love with himself.
    I agree with another poster who said M. Boland had the most irritating voice, irritating and condescending manner, a hopeless presenter. With some luck people will never have to listen to him again. ANY presenter will be better than MB.

  9. Maurice Boland is to launch new radio station later this month to rival failing TRE. . . this morning on his Facebook page he wrote:-
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will not be returning to Heart fm and would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Lee and Pat for the brilliant support they gave during my short but enjoyable stay with Heart and also a special thank you to David Baker on Breeze AM for taking my programs in Ireland. Meanwhile let me assure you that my absence on the airways will be only short lived. I’m delighted to announce that along with an exceptional team of top class broadcasters, I am developing a new radio project and look forward to making a full statement by early next week and be broadcasting (all going well) within weeks. The support that so many of you have given me over the past year can only be thanked by me doing what I love doing and that will be bringing you great radio programs with some of your favourite radio presenters. Thank you. Maurice

  10. TRE can only improve…Bolan was the most boring, self-opinionated ignorant and rude radio presenter/interviewer. I cannnot ever remember having to turn my radio off, but it was almost always my first reaction to Bolan despite being desperate to listen to a good interview in English.

    His ridiculous views on global climate change are a good example, yes Mr Bolan the world really is flat and 10,000 trained and qualified scientists who spend their lives studing the issue don’t have any idea what they are talking about. You have betrayed your family with completely unethiclal behaviour and you have betrayed your listeners with gutter press journalism.

    Bring back Jeremy, Stephen along with Howard so we can have a good laugh in the morning and good journalism.

  11. Hilarious! This `holier than thou´ attitude evident here knows no bounds. So many prepared to `cast the first stone´; most hidden behind anonymous usernames. In my experience you must be counting 80% of the working ex-pat community who have all come to Spain to reinvent themselves and chance their luck where they have failed elsewhere. Maurice Boland is not a criminal to my knowledge! Maurice has however raised € 100,000´s for charity, and without him the Cudeca Cancer Hospice would probably have closed. When you can say the same about yourself perhaps your opinion would have more gravitas! If you don´t like Maurice or his radio shows, then switch off and get a life!

  12. Precisely, Erik:

    “Boland was the most boring, self-opinionated ignorant and rude radio presenter/interviewer”.
    Add to that “a right chancer”.

    As for you Matthew, people are entitled to their opinion, so try to avoid that tired, adolescent shot “get a life”.
    As for anonymity, well, you are welcome to contact me if you wish. This website has my email address. And I would be quite prepared to say to Boland’s face exactly what I am saying here. It takes more than an individual in a lamé jacket to faze me!!


  13. Maurice Boland is like the Daily Mail and the Daily Express on the Radio. You choose to listen the same as you choose to read. Who knows we may get a radio station with balanced views on the Costa Del Sol one day. We live in hope

  14. I totally agree with Patricia, and hope that we are spared the return of Maurice Boland to our airwaves.
    In his time he always made a point of ridding the station of anyone he perceived to be better than him, and most were, consequently we lost excellent people from every station he was ever involved with.

    The mark of a good presenter/interviewer is that you cannot judge their political leanings (It is called impatiallity) Boland never managed this often becoming quite enraged when a subjects views were at odds with his own. He was conceited and self promotinbg to the extreme. Yes he did a lot of charity work, but oh! my didn’t he bang on about it ‘What a good boy I am’

    I haven’t missed him and would not welcome him back. He was frequently late for his programmes and completely unprofessional.

    TRE now has a pretty good team, I just wish they could improve their coverage as reception in the Lake Vinuella / Velez area is dire.

    PS I have got a life!

  15. Patricia, I believe you have just proven my point; this is obviously something that you are in fact very bothered about and it must keep you up at night. You have nothing better to do… i.e. “Get a life” is an originally American idiom and catch phrase usually intended as a taunt, to indicate that the person being so addressed is devoting an inordinate amount of time to trivial or hopeless matters!!

  16. WHATS all the fuss about … he had a relationship with a TEENAGER , thats not against the law , he has done ALOT for charities on the costa , give him a break , hes not the only man in the world to have done this , hes not the first and wont be the last , women with young men and men with young women , if its not law breaking then you all need to chill out, oh whats the other side off the story …im sure she new what she was doing .

  17. “Boland was gutted when Pat Kenny was selected to replace Byrne at the helm of the Late Late Show. “Pat Kenny is a brilliant journalist but the Late Late Show should be hosted by someone who entertains. I really wanted that show but I didn’t get it.”

    What gave this mediocre, narcissistic loser, MB, the idea that he would even be in the running for such a job? Talk about being delusional!

    “He dreams of flying to Ireland each weekend to host a show: “I really want to come back here. I’m really homesick. I really want to get into radio and television back here.”
    Dream on, MB. You wouldn’t last half an hour.

    Another facet which makes one wonder is that “magnificent house” he owns in Marbella, with the trappings. Now, how would a non-entity presenter on a two-bit radio station be able to finance such a palatial abode? Maybe his “charitable work” needs looking into. After all, charity begins at home ……LOL.


  18. think that everyone has had their say….! TRE & the forthcoming RADIO ME / MB… hummm are LOCAL radio stations and never will reach the superb standards of BBC Radio 4 etc however hard they try. Coastal station are akin to Hospital radio… and should be taken lightly and as such. Barry Mitchell for instance never took himself seriously yet he was informative and fun… he pressed the wrong buttons at the wrong moments…screwed up intro’s but made you smile at least.
    I suggest you all switch to BFBS on 99.5fm it’s great… no comercials…and it’s mostly either BBC Radio 4 / Radio Five…

  19. Thank you Jan. Of course we have all “got a life”, so pay no attention to the “American idiom” (idiot) taunts LMAO.
    This is a public forum so everyone is entitled to say their piece without being personally attacked.


  20. Let me get this right Patricia, you are fully prepared to not only throw personal insults at Maurice Boland, but also to make what could be quite serious allegations (without, no doubt, an ounce of evidence), yet you do not like it when anyone makes personal comments against you, all be it you still hide behind a username and are not prepared to disclose your full identity! Double standards I think. I wish Maurice Boland the best of luck.

  21. Mathew
    I have to wonder if you would feel the same about MB had it been your daughter, or granddaughter he had seduced with outrageous promises of worldwide fame. She was so young she believed him. He abused her, and her parents trust. Shameful.
    Defending him is indefensible!

    There are so many good broadcasters struggling for recognition, we don’t need 4th rate has beens or more correctly – never was!

  22. I have two daughters of 18 & 21; but I am perfectly capable of dealing with the facts of the matter, rather than wild accusations that are not based on any facts whatsoever. This story is old news now; Maurice Boland is setting up a new radio station and his supporters seem to far outweigh his detractors, and if TRE go out of business as a result, that´s their problem. I give him my full support!

  23. Stuart:

    You know nothing about me, who I am or what work I do, and fortunately I do not know you personally. Are you unable to write without being abusive and snide? Is this how you always respond to people who may hold a different opinion to yours? Why not attack someone else who has posted anti-MB on here?
    At no time did I reply to you or attack you here, so what is your problem?.


  24. Stumbled across this, so funny!! things still the same as when I lived on the Costa in the 80’sand 90’s. . .talentless gobshites rambling on about the usual shite. . .nobodies milling about the place. . .ho hum. . .

  25. @ rob p ..oh look another talentless gobshite with nother better to do has join in the comments to ramble on about the usual shit…. ho hum …you just the the same as the rest of us ..but like you said you lived their in the 80/90s so thats even sadder….so i take it you cant afford to ” mill ” about the costa any more …….ey robby .

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