MYSTERY surrounds a possible visit of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his beautiful wife Carla Bruni to the Costa del Sol.

The couple are expected to travel to the area at the end of September to attend the golden wedding anniversary celebrations of some friends.

They are following in the footsteps of Michelle Obama, whose high profile visit to Marbella in August, caused a media frenzy.

While the pair are also rumoured to be staying at the Hotel Villa Padierna, its owner has denied this.

Other local media reports insist they will be staying closer to Marbella, perhaps in a rented villa.

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  1. Well we could say “utterly and miserably failing to live up to a 2005 G8 summit’s aid commitment to Africa”

    or we could say
    as quoted by G-20 Dispatch

    “President Nicolas Sarkozy of France had indicated earlier that he might walk away from talks if he was unhappy with the outcome”

    or we could do a search at
    Wikipedia under the word Nepotism

    “In October 2009 Jean Sarkozy is about to become EPAD’s director despite lacking any real diploma yet and having no professional experience.[11]”

    Could they have been right at Reuters ? when the quoted

    “The DATA report says France is among the worst performers, having decreased aid to sub-Saharan Africa by $66 million between 2006 and 2007, and so far delivered less than 7 percent of funds promised at Gleneagles”

    Personally I have no comment.

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