By Wendy Williams

It is official – the UK is one of the worst places to live in Europe.

And Spain is one of the best.

Aside from the glorious sunshine, the Spanish get 41 days annual leave compared to only 28 days a year in the UK, and they enjoy a longer life expectancy.

Moreover, UK food and diesel prices are the highest in Europe – in fact only Ireland and Sweden pays more for drinks than the UK.

And the UK’s spending (as a percentage of GDP) on health and education is far below the European average, which had a significant impact on its rating.

These findings are based on the European Quality of Life Index which ranked ten European countries according to 16 factors.

The study found France and Spain are the best places to live in Europe and the UK and Ireland are the worst.

According to Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, money can’t make you happy and whereas some countries work to live, UK consumers live to work.

She said: “We earn substantially more than our European neighbours, but this level of income is needed just to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and our homes warm.

“There is more to good living than money and this report shows why so many Brits are giving up on the UK and heading to France and Spain.”


    • i’d rather live in spain and earn less you do know they pay cheap houses in uk you get paid more but you pay a lot more for houses so don’t see a massive difference between money wages and spain has attitude correct environment sunshine nice people and not depressing lifestyle on the other hand uk s depressing

  1. Preliminary figures from Spain’s national statistics institute (INE) show the number of UK citizens officially registered as residents in Spain dropped by a massive 90,000 (or nearly 23%) in 2013. Spain is losing its appeal and as Reap says, nothing has changed in nearly half a decade.

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