27 Sep, 2010 @ 18:34
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Mr Marbella admits affair

MARBELLA’S disgraced DJ Maurice Boland has admitted to an affair with a 16-year-old girl.

The DJ revealed to an Irish newspaper that he had set out to help the teenager forge a musical career but their relationship had evolved and he had made a “terrible mistake.”

Following the Olive Press exclusive last week, Boland told the Irish Sunday Independent that his wife of 40 years was standing by him.

Speaking for the first time about his affair, the so called Mr Marbella said: “I made a very bad misjudgement, which is terrible and hurt a lot of people, including my own wife and her family and my children.

“And all I can say to those people who are hurt – I am sincerely sorry.”

Boland also confirmed that he and his wife and family would get through it together.

He explained: “It’s been a very rocky time for us. My family has rallied around me and obviously they are not happy with the situation, but we love each other very much.

“We’re a very close family. I shouldn’t have got involved with anyone.

“My wife is coping. We have a lot of years behind us and I pray we’ll have many years ahead of us. I’m very upset — not for me as much as I am upset for my wife and our children and her family as well. I don’t give two craps about me, who cares? But I do care about my wife, I do care about my children, I do care about her and her family.”

When asked about the young girl, he explained: “It was a very short involvement and it was never planned. Some of these things just happen.

“The reason that anyone is showing any interest is because of the girl’s age, but I’ve done nothing illegal.

“She’s 100 per cent over 16. Not that I feel any better. I’m feeling awful about everything. I didn’t set out to have a relationship with anyone, or to have it with someone so young. It was just a misjudgement on my behalf.

On the subject of his sacking from TRE, he said: “Radio was my whole life. It’s just awful. I don’t know if it’s the end. It’s too early to make any decisions yet.

“I think it’s very important that people understand that there’s been a lot of hurt involved in this whole thing and they should make up their mind to leave the families alone. All I can say is that I’m very upset that this happened, very upset and very sorry. It’s been the lowest moment in my life ever,” he added.

Boland also revealed he will be “withdrawing from public life” for the foreseeable future and his Wow Factor competition has been cancelled.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. “…I do care about my wife, I do care about my children, I do care about her and her family.”

    which is why he started an affair with a 16 year old. Come on Maurice, if you had not been found out you’d still be having the affair!

    “The reason that anyone is showing any interest is because of the girl’s age”

    A 46 year age gap might be noticable.

  2. old man,thought you owned the radio station, wouldnt see richard branson leaving virgin, ha talk about virgens, think maurice has pulled the wool over everyones eyes, doesnt own the radio station,you used your power over that young girl, by promising her a life in show business, with your connections, need a good hiding from her father you do

  3. what about the poor starstruck 16 year old arnt you just a bit sorry for her too…… she is the one who will bare the scars for your lapse , suffer the sniggers of the moral majority ….and no doubt the ridicule of her friends and family…..


  4. Always beware the do-gooders!! Maurice has pranced around Marbella for far too long, with his ´holier than thou´ attitude. He reminds me of one of those lechy old US evangelists who urge people to ´give it all up for the Lord´, while eyeing up the choir girls.

  5. I have met MB several times and he nearly always had an ulterior motive,usually money orientated.He thought he was Mr.Marbella and when ever he interviewed some dated celebrity of even someone of interest, the guest was lucky to get a word in at all.He is full of self importance, though his charity work is commendable.
    He got found out,a 61 year old grand father with a consenting young girl.Makes my stomach turn. He always gave the impression that he ownwd REM and TRE and was above everyone else.
    So oftern on his radio show, he mentioned he wouldn’t know what to do without his lovely wife.A hypocrite in the first degree.
    This is a small place, and eventually it would have come out,as everyone in Marbella knows someone who most probably knows someone else.
    Sure he is full of regret, but his ego will not let him return, he will pack his bags and soon be off.

  6. I know what hede get from me if that was my 16 year old daughter….disgusting behaviour and to be honest i dont seem to see enough remorse here…….there are names for people like this, i think mr boland is finished on the costa…good ridence!!

  7. I have a big respect for Maurice Boland, he is a great present, worker for charity and real entertainer. I have listened to him for years both in Spain and on the internet and only feel sad about the events that have lead to this situation. Life is full of personal difficulties and Maurice seems to be facing one now. He needs the support he has given to others. The young woman also needs our thoughts. I hope both familes come to some understanding and that there is learning for all involved. Its easy to mock but when one has been there black and white answers dont come one should consider the shades of grey. Rab Malham

  8. what the hell makes a sixty something year old MAN want to sleep with a 16 year old GIRL/TEENAGER???? ………cant believe people are defending this abuser!! wich is exactly what he is! he has abused his position and lured this poor young girl in!! ……and about hese staying away from the public!! bloody right he is…he should hide his face in shame for what he has done!

  9. Maurice Boland should just leave the country, if he hasn´t already. It is one thing to make a statement, another to go to the press. Even to the end he´s only interested in self publicity and how he feels about it all. He doesn´t really give a damn about anyone else and he has just proved that over the past week.

  10. As for support from Rab yes we may have all worked for him, BUT Rab you fail to understand that this girl was just 16 yes 16 and if it was your daughter you would not be writing a letter of support, he is nothing but a PERVERT 100%, yes life may be full of personal difficulties agree but having sex with a 16 year old is NO ANSWER to this, stating its easy to mock NO THE TRUTH is he has SEX with a 16 year old full stop. And he is (was) a married man with a family.

  11. The best favour we can all do the girl and her family, if morality dictates that we should take it upon ourselves to protect her interests, is to totally stop commenting on this matter and allow the story to fade away and give them the chance to get on with their lives!

  12. Maurice, could be time to go it alone, mate.

    This could be a chance for TRE to bring back some of the much loved, sadly missed guys from the past.

    For instance, I’d love to see Barry back. He was great.

  13. What a bunch of spiteful santimonious comments, almost revelling in this sad situation. Obviously one cannot condone his lack of judgement but he will not be the first man to make a fool of hiself and will certainly not be the last. Have none of these commentators ever made a grave mistake? What exemplary lives they must live!

  14. I think it is sad that Maurice has not had the decentcy to come out and make a public apolagy to the girls family, this shows that he only thinks of himself all the time, If I was the father concerned I would be looking to gime him a good hiding, somthing that he deserves, lets hope he fades away and is never heard of again. He has let his Jewish friends down as well.

  15. After reading the self imposed letter in the Euro weekly news a good friend of MB he states he has had an afair with a YOUNG LADY but MB a young lady is a lady OVER 21 your had an afair with a 16 YEAD OLD come on tell the truth

  16. Oh dear Maurice ! not giving two craps about yourself is the second BIG mistake you are making. You had better take time before you start making amends to those you have hurt and first of all take the time and effort to learn something about yourself. You may then find out why you made this horrendous error of judgement. You also have to look closely at your EGO and why you are referred to as Mr MARBELLA. That in itself, despite all the good done for charity etc. should tell you a great deal about who you have come to believe you are. The Serenity Prayer would be a good way to start and practicing humility and being less of a I AM THE GREATEST human being would not go amiss.

  17. I have known the Boland family for decades and yes MB has a overly large character but he is a great guy and father and everyone makes mistakes! I am sure many of the you that have commented on here are in no ways 100% perfect, it is always easy to criticise others but before doing do so have a good look in the mirror!! This type of crap is what drives me mad about the coast.
    MB you deserve a second chance!

  18. Maurice’s pathetic attempt at an apology in the local press was a disgrace! He kept referring to “people in the public eye”, does he really believe that he is a celebrity??
    Does he not realize that he was just a terrible presenter who made so many faux pas, he embarrassed himself and insulted the intelligence of people living down here on the coast. (Ref. Is Hong Kong really Japanese??!!)
    We need some presenters now who have had a decent education and are not hypocrites ( What were his views on paedophiles and the Catholic church??)
    Come on Marbella, lets get real here!!

  19. Hi Henry,

    I agree with you. I would go as far as to say that the political views of many (including those on TRE) here on the Costa del Sol are more than a little right of centre.

    Now that isn’t necessary a bad thing but…please back up your opinion with facts and not generalisations.

    I find that many statements are made on TRE are way out out there in terms of accuracy. The staff on the radio station claim that we (the audience) can address the balance by phoning in but…and this is the big but…. those guys are thre in the studio listening to some of this bile. They nod their heads, they agree with the points and then… days later claim its up to the listeners to question the contributers…

    What an absolute cop out.

    There is a reason why some of these guests don’t get on the major radio/tv channels and that is because they are challenged on their views on those channels.

    Some woman called Jennifer is classed as being an ‘expert’ and is telling us that our planet is scheduled to collide with another and we have the choice to remain on our current domain (with football, basketball and badminton) or jump to the new (4th or 5th) dimension (without sport).

    It may surprise you that none of the previous paragraph was so much as questioned by the presenter. As far as TRE is concerned this is fact….

    Now come on…

    If TRE really believe they can broadcast this stuff and expect the listener to question the guests then we should be paid for this service. What is the point of a presenter in this situation?


  20. By the way,

    I think I heard Richie Allen state that its difficult to get guests. If this is so then please try genuine charities in need of publicity.

    You want to go for un-substantitated claims of the US government flying missiles into the world trade centre?


    Do you want to talk about genuie charity cases here in the costa del sol?

    Make your mind up.


  21. David,

    I am glad you mentioned Jenifer,who apparently objected to male dominated calls last night, and at the same time admitted it didn’t interst her.

    TRE is a free station mainly for the local community and Steve by his own admission, loves a good conspiracy theory,though it does at times get a tad tiresome
    We have listened to Jenifer for weeks on end babbling on about the same thing without actually stating anything factual.

    Ritchie seems a nice young man, and he is not the only presenter who has lined up an interview which for some reason or another hasn’t materilised.He repeatedly asks people to call in, but unfortunately he got caught last night by a chap who spent a good twenty minutes talking about how fast he could drive, the numerous cars he has had, a near fatal accident, in other words a complete know all about everything to do with cars, and then advertising his own website at the end.
    I am sure Ritchie will learn from that, and a more balanced programme is definitely feasable.

    My only other gripe is that quite often,there is an advert break right in the middle of a guest talking, which one could read as being impolite.

  22. I feel everybody who has made a comment here knows Maurice has done something very wrong. As a 44 year old father of 3 children I find his apology very weak at best and reference to a very bad mistake totally out of context to what has occurred.

    I find it abhorrent that an Irish news paper ran the article after interviewing Maurice, last time I looked at Maurice’s passport it had a harp, reflecting his Irish nationality. While Spain has the lowest age of consent in Europe, if Maurice’s “Misjudgement” had transpired in Southern Ireland where the age of consent is 17 he would of course be facing a period of time in jail and would be treated as a criminal and placed on a permanent register as a sex offender.

    In the Uk, it is illegal for a person to engage in sexual activity with an individual under the age of 18 if they are in a position of trust in relation to that individual (teacher, warder, carer, guardian, etc.)

    So international borders have protected Maurice from a jail sentence and the tag of being a criminal and much worse, but morally I think everyone knows what you call a man who engages in sexual acts with minors and a sixteen your old is exactly that, whether its “100% legal” or not. So how bad is the offence, I think it’s about your moral barometer, I know where I stand. Is it the same as hanging around the school gates with a bag of sweets, well no, but the result is the same……..

  23. As a resident on the Costa del sol, I have listened to TRE for a few years, one thing has grated on me for sometime now, the attitude of M.B. has eaten in to the whole theme of the radio station. Most people here have found it very hard over the last 3 years or so, but if you tune into TRE you would think the economic crisis had passed by this coast without having any affect, maybee the ‘Marbella set’ have the same attitude as M.B. pretend everything is fine and the problem will go away, fact is people that live a lie, have a real fear of the truth.

  24. I have known Maurice for many years and my son has known the girl for years. There are two sides to EVERY story. Lets not forget all the wonderful things this man has done for charity over the years and these charities are now the real losers. You have my support Maurice, you made a mistake and now you must concentrate on the people who matter – not the fake, gossip mongers from the CDS but your family.

  25. Sorry, but he did not break the law. So what she’s sixteen? If she was good-looking and sexy, good luck to Maurice. What would have happened if he was not married? Nothing. This may be a question of morality but it’s certainly not a question of legality. Maurice, yes you upset your family, yes you upset the girl’s family. That was the one place where you screwed up BUT I hope she was worth it, know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink…

  26. You people should be ashamed of yourselves who support him, he should be shot for what he has done. No wonder his wife has now left him. Dirty old man who i hope will one day be punished for what he has done.

  27. I dont know who Mr Bolland is or dont really care much for this story. However if this guy cheats on his wife yes that is morally bad but we dont know anything about their realationship which could of been over for all me know(sepeculation). So are calling him a dirty old man which just isnt fair as the girl was of a legal age and we dont know how mature she is? Call the man a cheater but IMO he is not a dirty old man and this is always the year 2011 not 1961

  28. i think that mb has been a character on this coast like years ago there were many who have either died or gone so i have to respect that. however, knowing how older guys get tempted by young flesh have to say that he is only human. sometimes mens brains go to their balls. I am about his age dont think im finished with sex and looking for a toyboy haha. what about tom jones who openly admits he has strayed and we love him so does his wife. not saying that jb is on par with him by anymeans but i have to say that he has done a lot for cudeca which i support. I Am English but i do like irish people they are down to earth and friendly. i dont like to prejudge people for what theyve done in life – god will do that.

  29. Absolutely flabbergasted at the vindictive, kick-him-when-he’s-down comments on this thread from Brits on the Costa. Terminal self-righteousness from old enemies or people with anally retentive minds. ‘Disgusted from Estepona’ would probably make the same mistake as Boland did if pixies put him in the wrong situation at the wrong time yet today he want’s him hung, quartered and drawn.

    The puritans on this page keep saying ‘she’s sixteen’ but some girls are women at that age. They not only look many years older but can be sexually mature beyond their years. True, she might be a naive girl entranced by Mobo’s Mojo in which case he deserved the shaking he has had; but do apply a sense of proportion PLEASE before the lynch mob starts. I mean, it’s only a bodily function and everyone ends up doing it.

    One of you mentioned ages of consent in Ireland and Britain which would have made the relationship illegal there but in Scotland its 14! And in Israel and some parts of the U.S. it is ELEVEN. You’ve swallowed the constant propaganda from the British media about mega-fears concerning child abuse. And after all he has done for charities on the costa. What heartless ingrates you all turned out to be. How many times must a man be good before you resist the temptation to call him bad?

    I visit the costa regularly and used to enjoy Boland’s laid back and radical style, a fine and refreshing contrast to the constipated rule-bound political correctness which stultifies most of European radio. Of course he’s a big head. So what? Good on Richie Allan, mad consipracy theories and all. Long Live TRE. If you don’t like it tune in to the insipid propaganda on BBC world service instead, it’s made for small minded people who like life in sterilised doses.

    Mobo’s character symbolised the laid back and indulgent nature of the sweet-life in sunny spain. Maybe his demise is reflective of the fact that Northern European puritanism has at last obtained a strangehold over Catholic culture. In that case it is interesting to note that the carping people on this thread would be inadvertently participating in their own downfall!

    I’m off for another beer.


  30. Thes only time I listen now is in the morning before 8 and 9. There’s not really any quaility outside this timeslot.

    Sad really as I love radio but with internet we can listen to whatever we want when we want.

    Does anyone know what Maurice has been up to?

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